The Degree Programs Update in US Universities in Regards To STEM


Degree programs in Georgia Tech’s Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts and College of Design have been updated to reflect their emphasis on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

In the School of Economics, degrees earned now count as STEM degrees, a classification that highlights the rigorous analytical nature of the school’s offerings.

In May, the Board of Regents approved the shift in the school’s U.S. Department of Education Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) code from “general economics” to “econometrics and quantitative economics.” The change takes effect this semester.

“This designation reflects who we are and what we are building in the School of Economics,” said Laura O. Taylor, school chair. “The foundational tools of economics are mathematics and statistics. We couple theoretical models of behavior and decision-making with state-of-the-art data analytics to understand and solve the most important questions facing society and business today.”

The new designation will not result in changes to degree programs.

The College of Design’s Master of Science in Urban Design also recently underwent this change.

“This designation helps capture the value of the integration of so many different technological, social, and ecological aspects of our urban design program,” said Ellen Dunham-Jones, director of the Urban Design program.

In both colleges, the STEM designation will further benefit highly skilled international students who want to continue to gain work experience in their field of study in the U.S. following graduation. Under the Optional Practical Training (OPT) program, international students who graduate from colleges and universities in the U.S. are able to remain in the country and receive training through work experience for up to 12 months. Students who graduate from a designated STEM degree program can remain for an additional 24 months.


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