Time Management While Filing For H1B Visa Petition

Filing H1B Visa Petition

Every year the Filing H1B Visa Petition can be done only from 1st April. Candidate can start applying after start of April month. It is better to plan from January and get your things right, so that you can apply for H1B visa petition for your wanted fiscal year. Preparation and time management for H1-B visa focuses on how to plan for H1B visa filling.

Filing H1B Visa Petition season starts on April 1st of every year. Usually USCIS starts accepting H1B visa petitions for next fiscal year starting from April 1st of the current year. What it means is that USCIS will start to accept H1B Visa petitions for fiscal year 2015 starting from April 1st, 2014. Based on previous experience, the H1B Visa 2015 filing date would be April 1st, unless USCIS makes any dramatic changes to the start date. Time Management for H1B visa has to be planned in such a way that candidate can start the preparation for the H1B application filing two and half months earlier.

  • January – Job Search, List H1B sponsor
  • February – Accept Offer, H1B sponsor
  • March – Legal Work, LCA Send to USSIC

At every step proper management needs to be carried out, with the planning of what needs to be done exactly and at what time. The candidate before implementing the strategic planning needs to have the in hand complete information before he can file for the current year’s H1B visa application process petition filing. Certain task has to be carried out in parallel with other activities, which is dependent on the activity. It is assumed that candidate’s profile is within the general category with no exceptional conditions and points.

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The month of January can be utilized properly to research about the terms and conditions of H1B and how much is been fulfilled by the candidate. The month of February not entirely but half can be used for finding such companies which sponsor H1B visa. Searching is not the solution, but for further saving time in future, it is advisable to make the list of such companies which can readily sponsor H1B visa for the particular profile. . There are various ways which can be implemented to find the H1B sponsors for the current year; one can check out from the top H1B visa sponsoring companies. The search can be made more simple or easy by filtering out the companies based on the city or zip code.

In the same period when the candidate is trying to apply for jobs during this period with these companies and do job interviews with the companies. These search period very much acts likes as a intensive job search time span. This period would be saved if the candidate is doing internship at a company which has previoulsy done the H1B sponsoring. The best option is to check at the company itself whether they would sponsor H1B. For those who are not working over an internship, this period can sound of having too much work and struggle.

Rest half of the February has to be utilized to make sure that candidate has a job offer on the table from a H1B Sponsoring company. It is best if the candidate achieves to get more than one or multiple job offers. The candidate has the choice to negotiate on the job offers and company before he can finalize on one company.

Before accepting the job offers find out whether the company is reliable or not. Having the legal and trustworthy company is most important of all. Due diligence over list of sponsors which the candidate has created and the companies that candidate is willing to interview with.

The candidate has the heavy responsibility of digging into the details like what is the type of job offered and the job designation, LCA’s filed by the company, approvals or denials etc. This is the time of the mid February where candidate needs to secure all the required documents for H1B visa application filing. Assembling the typical set of documents which would be required should be given priority.

Filing for  H1B visa is a very lengthy and tricky process because it is filed by the company, so the candidate has to wait till the company files and gets the visa approval. Taking help of consultancy at such time is advisable but there has to be guarantee of the firm being genuine. If the candidate has exact list of documents which are needed and the exact costing behind it then it would help in saving time. Fake Consultancy Company can trick out and lock the personal documents with them later on blackmailing. Make the stack of documents needed but not the originals because the USCIS demands to submit the copy of the original documents.

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Filing H1B Visa Petition :

Documents required to apply for H1B are:

  • Copy of all educational certificates along with mark sheet
  • Copy of Degree award certificates
  • Copy of Passport
  • Copy of latest Resume
  • Copy of previous W2 tax forms if paying tax
  • Copy of your driving license or state ID
  • Copy of your Social Security Card

If degree from US:

  •  Transcript and degree award certificate.
  •  Copy of I-20
  •  I-94
  • Work experience certificates
  • Copy of previous H1B approval notice and I-797 form
  • Report of work evaluation
  • Education evaluations report

The big relief here is the application filing cost. It would be paid by the employer so the candidate need not worry about it.  With the start of the march the candidate has to convince the respected company to submit the application. Time Management for H1-B visa suggests that beginning of the March is the time candidate needs to work with employer and their attorney for filing H1B petition. The candidate needs to send the documents; usually only scan copies of the documents are requested by attorney. The procedure to submit the documents to USCIS is generally through mail. This is the time when the candidate needs to work with attorney and have it ready so that they file for candidate’s LCA during the running week itself. There has to be no laziness while filing the petition because it would take a week.  So keep a follow up with the company on the filing of the petition.

Second week of March the candidate needs to check with the attorney and employer whether they have the required documents and make sure everything is on track. This is the busiest time for employers and attorneys. If everything went well and your attorney has all the paperwork, there is no activity for you. Just keep tabs on everything so that you don’t hear last minute surprises. With the end of month of March there is no such heavy activity on the shoulder of the candidate. The candidates simply have to wait for the company to deliver your H1B visa application exactly on 1st April to USCIS. Proper Time Management for H1-B visa will benefit in getting the visa approved easily.