8 Helpful Tips On How To Find A Job During A Recession

finding a job in a recession, how to find a job during a recession

COVID-19 brought in a harsh situation for all the working communities. The realities of the professional scenario that hit us during this pandemic were heart-breaking. In the US itself, millions went without work. Finding a job in a recession is not easy.

It is said that this pandemic-induced unemployment spike and the corresponding economic downfall will need at least a decade to heal. Companies have reframed their workspace to match their motives during the pandemic. The reframing policies are for finding a Job stable space till this economic drought passes away. This will hopefully help to faster transit towards a better-employed future.

With the current situation taking time to come underhand, finding a jobs in recession has become tougher. Yet this doesn’t mean that there are no jobs. What can seem like a dropping down graph in the employment sector, should be utilized to information about jobs by actively searching for it. A healthy percentage of people who got furloughed or laid off were able to get into jobs through their continuous efforts.

Major points discussed below:

  • Prepare a resume with proper usage of keywords
  • Note down your skillset
  • Reach out through various platforms
  • Keep a lookout for job trends
  • Connect with network connections & make new connections
  • Update your skills
  • Go beyond your traditional thought
  • A personal note of thanks to all who gave you a chance

Tips for Finding a Job in a Recession:

1.    Prepare a resume with proper usage of keywords

The resume is the first point of contact between you and the interviewer. Remember that most of the interviewer gets a lot of resumes for a job vacancy. To come up in the limelight, your resume needs to stand out against the odds.

Many make the mistake of thinking that ‘elegant’ writing can help the resume reach the top. This is not true. What it requires to be there is properly framed sentences without any grammatical error.

The important thing is the usage of keywords. This is very less used amongst the masses. The ATS systems usually employ keyword tactics to filter out resumes. Having an elegance packed resume won’t matter if yours get filtered out.

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2.    Note down your skillset

After filtering through the ATS platforms, the next move involves human interaction. The points that highlight your resume or profile is the skillset that you hold. The job that you hold might be that of a content writer which you mention explicitly. But it comes with skillset such as Strategizing content, Planning content delivery, Client management, Researching skills, etc. which are the highlights of this position.

The Skillset mentioned in your resume must match the job profile mentioned. This will give you a higher bearing over other applicants. If your skillsets match the skills required for the job, you get a higher chance of being viewed. Hence, while presenting skills, instead of presenting all your skillsets, work on showcasing the ones matching the profile.

3.    Reach out through various platforms

In a global condition where public interaction has to be reduced, online platforms are the best ways to reach out to better job opportunities. With massive platforms like LinkedIn and other social media platforms, you can now reach more amount of people, thus increasing your visibility.

In such a situation, it is always advised to keep your profile updated so that if a prospective employer goes through it, they will find something to connect over with you.

4.    Keep a lookout for job trends

Losing a job during this pandemic has brought a realization to the masses that there are jobs that they can take up beyond their existing/previous job environment. Surviving the pandemic becomes the utmost priority.

Check out all the sectors which can make us of your skillset. Find the changing scenarios in all these sectors. Lay down the criteria that apply to you to narrow down this search. This will give you a list of job vacancies for which you can reach out.

Understanding the trends is very important as this helps you in getting a much secure job. Look for ‘green’ jobs that help you sustain as well as help you get into a safe financial condition. It also helps you in designing your cover and resume aptly.

5.    Connect with network connections & make new connections

Getting a job in a chaotic condition as we are in is tough. It is the best time to leverage all your connections, both online and offline alike. Connections will help you land a job faster than going through a normal interview process.

This is because referrals from people connected to others will let you get an extra card that may help you get in much easier. Also, during the process, keep connecting to new people and help them out if possible. It is truly said to get the best from your relationship is only possible when you put in efforts and invest in them. Networking gives result through long term relations.


6.    Update your skills

As said earlier, keep your mind open for all jobs. Keep searching for jobs without losing hope. While you are up to doing this, review your skills. Look out for the ones that are needed in the market. Once you narrow down the skills needed to upgrade yourself, immerse yourself in learning it.

Remember, educating yourself is the best way to making yourself appropriate for a job.

7.    Go beyond your traditional thought

It is important to realize that working is essential that looking for an apt job. As much as an apt job is needed, survival is also a trait that we need to develop.

For example, startups are looked at as volatile. Many don’t prefer to work for such a job scenario. But the upper side to this is you are exposed to faster learning, faster promotions, and many skills.

This leads to your development from a skillset, salary, and mindset point of view. What better investment than speeding up your growth with such arduous conditions? Hence, leave your traditional mindset of working in the sector that you were previously employed. Build a new mindset for faster growth.

8.    A personal note of thanks to all who gave you a chance

This is a very important thing. Putting out a word of gratitude to all those whom you approached is a habit that will make people feel more towards you. Even if you did not gain any help from them, a thankful behavior will help you be cherished in their hearts.

Next time when you need a hand, you will find many reaching out to you.

Wrapping Up

Losing your job in a condition where you are tied between a weakening economy and hungry tummies to feed is the worst scenario ever. That being said, losing hope and going for drastic measures is not an option. Rather give your all and search for all the options in hand.

Hang in there, for you will find a ray of light that will help you be free of the situation that you are in. Hope this article helps you find it faster. Finding a job in a recession may seem tough but not impossible.