Unveiling the Power of OPT Jobs in USA for International Graduates

OPT Jobs in USA for International Graduates

International graduates in the USA have this incredible opportunity to work in the US job market. A fresh graduate can get a thousand chances for employment. One such opportunity is OPT, so let’s dig deeper into what is OPT. It can be explained as Optional Practical Training in which the students on an F1 visa are entitled to work. They can find opportunities in their field of education, the terms of employment may be full-time, part-time, short-term hire, or contractual. Candidates can find innumerable opportunities and recruiters also tend to hire OPT candidates as interns and associates.

OPT students are a mine of talent and skills, they have academic knowledge, and for practical training they find work. OPT can be of two types, it depends upon the discretion of the student they can choose Pre-completion OPT and Post-completion OPT. During Pre-completion the student is entitled to work while the school is not in session, they can work for 20 hours per week. On the other hand, Post-completion OPT is when the OPT students get the opportunity to work full-time. This is usually when the OPT students are graduated, they opt for Post-completion OPT.

How helpful are OPT Jobs for International Graduates

OPT students are privileged to work for top-notch companies and other recruiters as well. There are many opportunities in both tech and non-tech companies. OPT jobs help students to gain practical experience and a vast understanding of the corporate world. An entry-level candidate needs to understand the industry. The US job market is dynamic, hence several opportunities brew up with time and circumstances. Recently there has been a rise in the demand for IT jobs for Frontend developers and Data analysts.

Let’s see how OPT jobs help international graduates to build promising careers:

  • The OPT students get amazing confidence by working with recruiters in the US job market.
  • This experience will get them relevant job offers from global competitors. OPT students can find employment opportunities with top-notch companies like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.
  • Other non-tech companies like Deloitte, E&Y, and other consultancies also hire OPT students.
  • While working for OPT jobs, international students get a better understanding of the job role. Also, they get to sharpen their skills, which will enrich them with the right amount of effort, talent, and knowledge.
  • They learn other soft skills also such as team coordination, time management, team building, multi-tasking, and communication.
  • For finding OPT jobs they learn the application and selection process in any company. So it gives them an upper hand in applying to other companies after completing their Optional Practical Training.

Why OPT jobs will be useful in the long run

The OPT jobs in USA have a good scope for OPT candidates and fresh graduates. People from different corners of the world arrive in the USA for academics and jobs.

  • Recruiters want to hire OPT students for their companies for their knowledge and skills. As OPT students are available for every role, technical or non-technical. The OPT students actively apply for jobs, financial assistance, and professional experience. It will help them in the future.
  • When OPT students join these recruiters they get the chance to flourish and develop new interests and skills. The skills that are required for the job are sharpened over time. This will help the candidates to stand out when they apply for full-time jobs.
  • OPT candidates learn to build professional resumes. They learn the skills of appearing in the interviews, they also have the required experience of working in a corporate environment.
  • The OPT students have to write an application to the DSO of the school. The Designated School Officer will then forward the application to USCIS. After the approval, the OPT students get an EAD to work. Without which they cannot be eligible to work.
  • While searching for jobs the candidates may take statistical approaches. This will help them save time and energy for the OPT candidates.
  • The candidates can approach the recruiting staff of the company through official websites and emails. They can write emails justifying their roles and drop their resumes with cover letters. This will highlight the profiles and will help the recruiter to cut the chase of finding suitable OPT resumes in the USA.
  • Each year approx 1 million international students move to the USA, for academics and work. The students can find innumerable opportunities in work and academic programs.
  • They learn a lot from several opportunities for employment and other possible recruitments. OPT students can work for more than one employer at a time, it is their decision.
  • OPT students have to build up networks for their references. International students must start creating groups and networks, these connections can help them in a lot of ways. For finding accommodations, work references, and other information about new opportunities.
  • Building up relevant networks will have a positive impact on the lives of OPT students. Team building and team coordination is a spirit that is highly appreciated. It will help the students to grow personally and professionally.
  • OPT allows STEM students to stay and work in the USA. The students can apply for an extension of 24 months. The OPT students get 12 months to stay and work in the USA. they can either choose pre-completion or post-completion.

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How OPTnation can change the journey of International Graduate

OPTnation is an online platform that images OPT students and recruiters in one place. It has a very large database that contains resumes of verified profiles and F1 students. The team assists the recruiters in finding the most relevant resumes based on the job description of the recruiter.  The recruiters have access to the database of OPT resumes. They can choose the most suitable resumes from the database. The team assists the candidates in their job search as per the academic qualifications of the candidates.

The team is an efficient group of professionals that help recruiters to look for the most suitable OPT resumes from the database. The recruiters can also sign up for the email alerts service, in which the recruiters will get an alert when a similar resume arrives in the database. This helps the candidates a lot when they are struggling to find relevant companies. The candidates can rely on the team of OPTnation in finding a good job. Recruiters want quality resumes and OPTnation offers verified leads to the recruiters.

OPTnation is a one-stop destination that facilitates both candidates and recruiters. The recruiters get quality OPT resumes from the team. All the resumes in the database are verified and recommended by the team. As per the job description submitted by the recruiters, the team matches the precisely matching resumes. And recommends it to the recruiter, then they approach the candidates. As the leads are active and verified, the recruiters do not have to worry about the resumes.

The STEM students who have a relevant degree in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, can get an extension. The stay and work can be extended by 24 months but NON-STEM OPT does not get the extension. So the candidates can find thousands of opportunities to work as interns, volunteers, and on a contractual basis. OPT gives them the right amount of time to study and work. They get 90 days period to find relevant jobs based on their academic qualification. The OPT candidates can track OPT status through the official website of USCIS.