What are some good ways to find OPT candidates resume in USA?

What are some good ways to find OPT candidates resume in USA?

What are some good ways to find OPT candidates resume in USA? 

OPT Optional Practical Training, is an opportunity for F1 visa holders studying abroad. It permits international students to work while they are enrolled in a degree program. We see pre-completion and post-completion OPT, a perk to work for 12 months. In which students may work during their vacations or after winding up their courses. The hurdle is not every recruiter and student is aware of the concept of OPT jobs. So there might be some issues which come along while you are looking for possible opportunities.

Recruiters are in need of efficient and dedicated candidates, while candidates are looking for decent opportunities. Marking out genuine profiles is a hectic process, recruiters are preoccupied with the burdens of managing their companies. And do not have time to pick potential candidates. Candidates on the other side wandered from company to company, with resumes. Creating a web of networks and putting effort into looking for a job. 

There are various ways in which the recruiter can approach OPT candidates in USA. One of which is the screening of profiles on the job portals, which serves as a platform for both the employers and the employees. OPTnation has a vast database of resumes, which makes it easier for employers to screen the profiles. And to choose the right ones for you, according to the qualifications of the candidates.

There are various other criteria for hiring, such as Visa status, educational background, specializations if any, and professional experience. All these key skills and experiences are highlighted accordingly for the employer to notice, by the OPTnation. 

 Meaning of OPT Candidates and OPT Candidates’ Resumes 

OPT stands for Optional Practical Training, it is a temporary work permit, in the USA. Although the USA provides various categories of Visas, majorly international students, who are enrolled in degrees, have F1 Visa, which allows them to work during their academic session. The F1 Visa program is in co-occurrence with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. The perk to work is available in their own fields of study, implying they are eligible to get employment according to their Major. 

Finding the eligible and deserving set of students is a challenge for recruiters. Employers can always look up to the online portal of OPTnation to end their journey of exploration, for potential OPT candidates’ resumes. The screening of bulk resumes, and then assessing and shortlisting the potential candidates is such a time-consuming process for the recruiter. Organizations like OPTnation are always a helping hand to employers who are looking forward to a deserving candidate.

The OPT candidates who are looking for a job, according to their major, drop their resumes with the organization. Their resumes are to be kept in the huge database of resumes, and then the team of experts highlight and modify the resumes so that the recruiter could choose the right set of resumes for further process of interview. The team of experts highlight the key skills, experiences, internships and educational background accordingly. Also, the OPT students are then prepared for the interviews to be held with the companies. 

For STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) students this privilege of working can be extended up to 24 months. They can get a total period of 36 months earning a valuable experience in their life. 

Ways To Find OPT Candidates’ Resumes 

There are certain ways in which a potential OPT candidate in USA can be spotted: 

  • Identifying your requirements, and spotting the right group of resumes for your next step forward towards hiring. 
  • Take expert assistance, to get in touch with the best fit for your company. 
  • Approach as soon as you find the potential candidate for the company. 
  • Approaching the most recent and updated resumes. 
  • Assistance from online forums which offers their services to recruiters to pave their way in searching for an OPT Candidates Resume
  • This can be done by building strong connections. 
  • By opting for the services of OPTnation which provides the option of accessing the huge database of resumes. 

To avoid confusion as to who is the right choice for the company, the recruiter should take the assistance of portals like OPTnation, which gives an option to the recruiter to take the expert’s assistance. The team of experts as per the requirements submitted by the recruiter cut down the bulk and shortlist only those resumes which match the requirements.

The recruiter must be very clear and direct while searching for the best fit for the company. The most appropriate way to approach deserving and talented OPT job seekers is through the experts, as they can do the screening and assessment of profiles at a much faster rate than the recruiter themselves.

Hence it reduces the chance to get in touch with a profile that does not match the criteria of the company and later on proves to be a great misfit for the recruiter’s organization. So it is feasible for everybody to be careful at the initial stages of employment, rather than regretting the wrong choice later. 

Difficulties faced in search of OPT Resume in USA 

Weeding out irrelevant resumes is a challenge. Every day a bulk of candidates approach companies in search of a good job. But it is impossible for the recruiter to employ all of them. Naturally, they have to assess the resumes and dig out the perfect ones. Later on many are reject at their interviews, so the employer finds it exhausting to start this cycle over and over again. 

Similarly, it is tiresome for the candidates to wander in search of jobs. Which could be a way to earn their living or a way of adding experience to their professional career. Lack of social connections makes it more difficult for the candidates to approach decent workplaces. Sometimes they end up wasting their time and energy at a place where their talent is not appreciate. Young talent is wasted in exploitative workplaces, the knowledge is little and the responsibility of getting your life sort is huge.

OPT resume in USA generally remain unnotice by the big companies, as the competition is high and the demand is for the perfect fit. Usually, the candidates could not make it as their resumes do not look professional. So they are being judge at the very initial stages of their journey. Hence it is important to create a professional and good-looking resume, highlighting key strengths, key skills and relevant professional experiences gained by the candidate.

Sometimes the potentially qualified candidates are so under-prepare. That they do not get to show their best performance, resulting in getting reject. Hence the discouragement and low self-esteem force them to work in exploitative environments. Also they waste their talents in the wrong places, majorly because of the lack of guidance. 

Keys factors/Things to be consider while searching OPT Resume in USA 

  • Recruiters have to be ambiguous while deciding the criteria for their hiring. 
  • Recruiters make sure that their company must hold a decent reputation in the corporate world. 
  • It is beneficial for the recruiter to approach expert assistance in case they find it difficult to look for potential employees themselves. 
  •  After the resumes are shortlist the candidates must be approach as soon as possible. 
  • It is important on the part of the employer to update their requirements if any change persists. 
  • Choosing from the huge database of OPT Resume in USA must be a search based on keywords, to save time and energy. 
  • To look for the most recent and updated set of resumes. 


  • OPTntaion totally understands the value of time for both the employer and the candidate, hence within a matter of days the process is conclude
  • The team of experts highlights and shortlists the potential candidates on the basis of the requirements of the recruiter
  •  Finding a genuine profile is like looking for a needle in the hay, but as long as you are taking the assistance of the experts to find the right match for your company you are saving time. 
  • A professional resume, which highlights core strengths, key skills and experiences and the professional and educational background of the candidate is more likely to be short-list. 
  • A candidate must be well aware of the ongoing industry trends and the corporate work culture so that they appear well-versed in the corporate world.  
  • Approaching the OPT expert organization is important as they are well aware of the Visa policies and recent changes happening in the policies. 
  • Taking advice from a team of experts is a wise decision if you are an international student looking for OPT opportunities. 
  • Every year the US job market witnesses a huge crowd of students, who are F1 Visa holders, so there is plenty of fish in the sea. Hence it is important for the recruiter to target a particular field of study. 
  • Taking expertise assistance is user-friendly and pocket friendly
  • Both the recruiters and the candidates must focus on the less time-consuming process.