What is the best way to find OPT jobs in USA?

What is the best way to find OPT jobs in USA?

What is the best way to find OPT jobs in USA? 

OPT or Optional Practical Training, is a privilege for F1 Visa holders, for international students studying in the USA. OPT is a work authorization, for students who hold F1 Visa. It can work while they are enrolled in any degree in any College Course based in the USA. Finding OPT jobs is a tough nut to crack but it is not impossible. With the proper guidance and strategy one can quickly grab a decent job offer.

Online portals like OPTnation, provide their assistance, for candidates who are looking for OPT jobs in the USA. A team of professionals serve as a helping hand. While creating a resume which is eye-catching for the recruiter. OPTnation is a service provider for recruiters also. It provides a huge database of resumes of potential candidates to choose from.

The recruiter can pick the top highlighted and updated set of resumes to move forward in the process of hiring. Also, there is a system where a team of experts do the analysis. And also the screening of the resumes according to the requirements submitted by the recruiter. Hence, a set of resumes is shortlisted and presented among which the recruiter decides to move on with the right set of potential candidates. 

Meaning of OPT Jobs in USA:

Optional Practical Training (OPT) is a privilege for international students, work authorization for them to get professional experience in the industry, while they are enrolled in any degree or college program.

OPT jobs in  USA allow students to gain experiences according to their field of study, as it enhances their developmental growth in their professional experiences, and also allows them to contribute to the US job market what they have learned. 

Though otherwise, it is difficult to mark a spot in the US job market, an F1 visa allows a candidate to study and make potential connections with their future employers and to understand the US job market work. It is essential to understand the pattern of industrial trends if you are planning to grab a job in the USA. 

It is not a permanent solution if you want to settle in the USA, it is a way in which one can only get permission to work while they are enrolled in any degree, in a college or university based in the USA, for 12 months. If you are a STEM (science, technology engineering and mathematics) student, this period may be extended to 36 months in total.  

Ways to Find OPT Jobs:

It is mandatory for a candidate to identify certain key points before beginning their exploration for OPT jobs in USA, mentioned hereunder: 

  • Be well-versed in their field of study, while looking for job opportunities. A student must look for jobs in their respective areas of Major. A student is permitted, to work in the field of their Major, so that they can grow their careers potentially. A student can opt for entry-level jobs and also for internships, based on their educational background and working experience if any. 
  • A student looking for an OPT job opportunity must conduct potential online searches, it saves time and energy. To wander from company to company is a tough task to manage simultaneously with your studies. 
  • Candidates must conduct a quick search and take reviews about the company or organization to ensure safety in their professional life. To avoid fraud and exploitation about to happen in the workplace. It can save a candidate from stepping into a web of unethical practices, committed under the umbrella of a corporate label. 
  • Candidates must look for OPT job opportunities, on the company’s website, to avoid any confusion and stay up to date while they are exploring the jobs. 
  • The most effective way is to take the assistance of one of the leading organizations like OPTnation, which is a platform to assist candidates who are looking for OPT job opportunities whereas, for the Recruiters, it serves as a platform for OPT resume hunting. 
  • OPTnation is a verified online portal, which assists a team of experts, who effectively modifies the resume for the jobs for OPT students, and also prepare them accordingly for the interviews. 

Rules and Guidelines for Searching OPT Jobs:

There are certain rules for searching for OPT Jobs for students

  • Create a powerful resume, highlighting your key skills, capabilities and educational background
  • While looking for a job it is mandatory to figure out the job requirements, it will ease your search
  • Online portals like OPTnation provides you assistance regarding modification of the resume and preparation for upcoming interviews. 
  • A candidate must read the job description vigilantly, to understand the criteria for hiring
  • A candidate must research the reputation of the company and the recruiter
  • A candidate must understand the work culture of the company
  • Also, a candidate must be aware of the recent industry trends in the corporate world. 
  • An easier way to reach the destination is through the online portal of OPTnation, where the candidate can grab the desired job in a reasonable period
  • The recruiter specifies the criteria to hire the potentially right candidate and the candidate applying for the particular job must engrave those highlighted qualities and capabilities
  • A student must establish networks which could potentially help him in creating a fine career 
  • A candidate applying for OPT jobs must be vigilant about the offers and must identify his/her true potential and accept the wage accordingly 

Sometimes the OPT candidates are misguided, that F1 Visa and approval for Optional Practical Training is a way to permanent immigration. In reality, it is only a temporary authorization for international students to work while they are enroll in a degree in the USA.

This program allows the candidates to work in pursuance of their field of study, they discover their strengths. And get exposure to working in an international job market. Also, allows them to immigrate for work later on, through the H1B Visa category.  

 Types of OPT Jobs in USA:

OPT jobs exist in every field, including Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, Accounting, finance, architecture and many more. A student is allow to work in their fields of education, and none other. 

Also, we see different types of employment patterns. Such as internships, entry-level jobs, short-term hiring, contractual, unpaid or employment through an agency. 

Not every recruiter is looking for full-time employees so instead, they hire employees on a contractual basis or part-time basis. 

A candidate who is new in the industry must look for entry-level jobs. And must be prepare mentally so that they do not pay well. So they should focus on gaining more experience, which could make their careers grow potentially. Professional growth is relevant for an individual, it not only adds up to their professional experience. Also helps them create the life of their dreams. 

 Eligibility Criteria:

In the financial year 2020, more than approximately 180,000 OPT applications were approve. Highly skilled students manage to retain decent jobs, both at the pre-completion and post-completion OPT

  • The international students enroll in a degree in a college or university based in the USA, are to be categorise under F1 visa status, which authorizes them to work. 
  • It is mandatory for the candidate to be physically based in the USA, to grab an OPT job in USA
  • Candidates can work for the OPT only if it matches their educational degree
  • Even if the candidates are working via agencies they must track their working hours and should maintain the record of 20 hours per week.  
  • Pre-completion – International students are allowed, to work for 20 hours a week as the temporary authorization to work. A candidate can work for one or multiple employers only for the given number of hours, whether full-time or part-time, to be inform. Also must take approval in the form of an Employment Authorization Document. It can be done only after the Designate School Official recommends the OPT,  
  • Post completion – After completing the 12 months degree, to maintain a situation in which a candidate must not exceed 90 days of unemployment. For STEM students the period can be extend up to 36 months. Post completing the degree, from a college or university based in the USA. A student must show a record of active employment as a reason for the record to demonstrate active employment. 

End Notes:

  • There are various types of OPT jobs available, Short term hiring, full-time or part-time jobs, contractual, work for hire, unpaid, internships, and working via an agency. 
  • Options of pre-completion or post-completion of their degree programs 
  • For STEM OPT Students, there is a total extension of 36 months is allow after completing their degree of 12 months. 
  • An OPT student must work 20 hours per week if they have the approval for pre-completion OPT 
  • F1 Visa holders, get only temporary authorization for work, in their respective fields of study. 
  • OPTnation is a reliable online portal for the assistance of candidates and recruiters.