What is Staff Augmentation? A New Way to Extend Your Team

What is Staff Augmentation? A New Way to Extend Your Team

Having in-house support can be complex and takes the time and money needed to find the appropriate engineers. In the IT industry, staff augmentation is a way to extend a development team. Staff augmentation services provide multiple benefits blending outsourcing strategy and in-house hiring profits. Staff augmentation enables an organization to achieve business objectives, hire highly qualified resources quickly and mitigate risks. The global outsourcing market in 2019 before the Coronavirus hit the world was $ 92.5 billion. And after the pandemic, the IT staff augmentation market size grew to $ 132.9 billion.

What is Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation is using outside professionals temporarily to expand the scope of one’s organization. We can call it a type of outsourcing strategy where operators are hired to fill up projects in compliance with the recent business objectives. This employee is hired based on the works needed and can be utilized for a short or long-term partnership with a client.

Such services gain impulse because of the specifics of the Information Technology domain and shortage of skills. In the IT domain, staff augmentation companies can provide you with programmers, QA engineers, designers, marketing specialists, and system administrators.


Picking the Appropriate Staff Augmentation Model

Most of the organization uses a mix of service providers, depending on their requirements. While you are thinking staff augmentation, the most important thing is deciding what you are trying to achieve and what is most valuable. e.g., if you are searching for an expert in software development, prioritizing charges will be unrealistic. Similarly, if you need 70 employees to do a job that can be easily trained, you wouldn’t want to use it based on an outstanding skill level. With a broad range of staff augmentation models available to organizations, it’s essential to consider the pros and cons of each method before picking a perfect one.

How to go for Team Augmentation? 

  1. Connect to Service Provider

Choose a ‘Staff augmentation¬†services’ that can provide your remote developers with their different teams with all the necessary pieces of equipment. Please make sure they are in the industry for a longer time.

  1. Monitor your recruits

Make sure remote technicians know the outcome of being with your virtual team. At some of our client’s requests, we install a surveillance cam in the workroom and a screen showing real-time footage in the local office.

  1. Let HR manage it

Ask the provider whether they have specialists who will help you manage your team more efficiently. We must have HR Managers that run alongside your technicians and support throughout your cooperation.

  1. Coordinate wisely

A qualified augmented team will immediately add value to your project. The staff augmentation can be a trial run for potential full-time employees too. So it is always beneficial to manage the team wisely and not to mention treat them with care.


This augmentation is an excellent option if you need to scale your team quickly or lack a particular skill. It takes lots of benefits like transparency, flexibility and cost savings. Before you pick the outsourcing partner, make sure to carry extensive market research to find a well-suited company. With years of expertise in staff augmentation, we can trust automation and the tools. Creating a system or software is going to help the organization maintaining the staff.