What Should OPT Candidates In USA Know When They Apply for OPT?

What Should OPT Candidates In USA Know When They Apply for OPT?

USA is one of the most advanced countries in the world and also provides its inhabitants a great lifestyle. The country’s education system is also excellent which is why youngsters in other countries wish for an opportunity to study and live in the USA. On the other hand the United States government is not as lenient as before in allowing foreigners to come to their country and settle there. This is the reason that during the filtering process only hardworking and brilliant students get select for the OPT system. It takes a lot of skills and qualities for students who want to become OPT candidates.

What is OPT and what it stands for?

OPT stands for optional practical training and it is a system under which the foreign students studying in the USA are allow to work in a field related to their major subject. They can work part time or full time, during their second year of studies or for one year immediately after they complete their studies. The OPT system gives the students a global exposure along with a chance to work with multi-national giants.

The OPT system is popular in the United States because it is beneficial for not just the candidates but also the employers. Hiring dynamic youngsters from around the world gives the employers a chance to infuse some colourful energy into their cultural and professional environment. OPT candidates in USA are not just some of the most intelligent candidates but they are also very hard working because most of them want to settle in the United States. OPT system is one that infuses a spark in the already dynamic market place of the USA.

What OPT students should know

OPT students are eligible to apply for an F-1 student visa. The qualifying requirements for obtaining an F-1 visa are that the individual participate in a full course of study at an approved school. The F-1 student visa is available to both overseas students and American citizens seeking to study abroad. The sole distinction between these two is that American citizens must return to the United States once their studies are over. International students, on the other hand, can stay and work in their field of study. The most important fact about the United States is that it is a federal republic and adherence to the laws, rules and regulations stipulated by the government is important. This is because the various government agencies are quite strict in applying the laws.

The United States of America is a federal republic that practices representative democracy. The government’s power is divided between three branches. There are three branches: the executive, legislative, and judiciary. The country’s constitution was ratified in 1787 and revised 27 times since then. The Constitution establishes an effective separation of powers among the three branches of government, each having its own distinct role in how legislation, policies, and laws are formulated.

The United States is the only country that allows foreign students to earn an undergraduate degree and then work as OPT candidates in USA. The country also has some of the best universities in the world and quality comes at a cost due to which these universities are also very expensive. As discussed the quality of lifestyle in this country is also one of the best and this quality also comes at a cost. This is the reason that studying in USA can be very expensive, due to the OPT system becomes a great opportunity for students to earn and pay off some of the expenses. The students also can choose to study in public schools to lower the expenses and they can take loans to pay the expenses of tuition fees and living costs. They can start paying off the loans when they start working, and living on campus can also reduce their costs.

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Why Resume Database is an Advisable Choice for Recruiters

Of course there are the traditional methods of finding OPT students for part time or full time opportunities like career fairs, job boards, networking, social media, and an OPT candidate resume database provided by a reliable name like OPTnation. All these methods of finding the right candidates the latter is the most economical, effective and hence the most popular. This is because as mentioned above this database uses advanced technology and methodology in order to filter the resumes and allows the students and recruiters to find their best match. This in turn saves a lot of time and resources which makes it an economical and fast method to match OPT candidates with the employers who are the best fit. These are the reasons why a resume database like the one provided by OPTnation is the best method to find the right candidates or employers.

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