Is It Difficult To Find CPT Jobs For International Students?

How to Find CPT Jobs | Jobs for international Students | OPTnation

Many international students who move to the USA struggle to get a positive answer regarding finding CPT jobs in the USA. A simple answer to this question, with the right guidance and assistance the CPT students get good results. OPTnation is one such online forum that assists and provides professional advice to international students to get the best jobs. Those International students who move to the USA on F1 visas, which allows them to work while they pursue their academic degrees. Curricular Practical Training CPT is a great way to enhance their capabilities and sharpen their skills. They are allowed to get a job while their academic degree is in session. The CPT students are at ease to get opportunities whether full-time, part-time, internships, or short-term hires.

This really helps the students to understand the hiring patterns in the US job markets. Also, they get familiar with the industrial cultures and work environments in various sectors. The CPT students can get a good stipend for their employment. The international students get the chance to explore the job market. To become eligible for CPT jobs the students must complete at least one year of their school. These trainings add more experience in the field of the educational degree. The jobs for CPT students are available in various sectors, including IT, marketing, Commerce, shipping, business analysis, data analysis, hospitality, staffing, and consulting.

How professional help makes it easier for international students to get a CPT job

International students from all over the world move to the USA, to get quality education and to make a promising career. The OPTnation is an online forum that works for international students who are looking to work as CPT or OPT. The team at OPTnation is a competent group of professionals who work to provide various services for CPT students. To list some services from the OPTnation for the OPT and CPT students check out the details:

  • The team maintains a website that posts the recent vacancies in different companies. The students can check out the official website for getting opportunities to apply for different roles. Candidates can directly apply for jobs for CPT students via the website of OPTnation.
  • The team also assists the students in creating a professional resume. The resume must highlight all the relevant qualifications, work experiences, relevant skills, and other information.
  • The important step is to pass the profile screening the team develops and modifies the resume in a manner that the CPT students can pass through the screening.
  • The team also prepares the students for interviews, which helps the students in boosting their confidence. So when they actually appear before a recruiter, they perform well in the interviews.
  • OPTnation provides the best job placement for the candidates who are looking for OPT and CPT jobs. The team has a good knowledge of the US job market. They also understand the current changes in the industrial cultures and hiring patterns in different sectors.
  • The team creates a shortlist of precisely matching resumes with the job descriptions. This list is then forwarded to the recruiters for their reference and they contact the selected candidates for CPT jobs.

Procedure for applying for CPT jobs in USA

The international students who are freshers and have moved to the USA to pursue their degrees, and to work as OPT, and CPT students. They are not fully aware of the detailed processes and procedures, but the team at OPTnation will guide international students to get decent CPT jobs. Let’s go through the process of application and selection while applying for CPT jobs:

  • After the international students have joined their schools they can contact the DSO the Designated School Officer of the concerned school. They can talk about the permission to work as a CPT student.
  • International students are allowed to work only in their educational field. So they must find job opportunities in their academic fields only.
  • The candidates must begin their search for a good CPT job at least 90 days before becoming eligible for CPT jobs.
  • Fill out the necessary paperwork and form I-20 after which the students become eligible for CPT.
  • Get a recommendation letter from the DSO for finding a CPT job.
  • The students can work for 20 hours per week as part-time CPT students. Or they can work for 40 hours per week in a full-time CPT job.

Some Opportunities for international students to get a CPT job

There are many top-notch companies like Amazon, Apple, Google, IBM, JP Morgan, Microsoft, Tesla, and the World Bank. These companies hire students for various roles, internships, and full-time and part-time opportunities in IT sectors, such as Software developers, Data Analysts, and Business Analysts, in consulting and staffing departments. So there are a lot of opportunities for tech and non-tech students looking for jobs for CPT students. The list goes on to several other companies that hire CPT students for different job roles. Such as PayPal, E&Y, Meta, Deloitte, Disney, Intel, and Qualcomm technologies that bring a good amount of opportunities for young and talented students.