Dissertation Vs Thesis: Differences And Similarities: Manual For Students

Dissertation Vs Thesis: Differences And Similarities: Manual For Students

Whichever institution or course you attend, the final award you hope to achieve is a document confirming your qualifications. In most cases, we talk about a diploma. However, the higher the level of education, the more significant the value a diploma holds. Thus, writing phd thesis means a lot in the educational system: the highest point one scholar can get. By the way, PhD Thesis Writing Service|Get Ready to Celebrate A Degree is the company that can be your ally during the tough process of dissertation writing. 

Nevertheless, many people still don’t understand what actually differentiates a dissertation from other higher diplomas. The doubt about dissertation vs thesis: differences and similarities is the one worrying thousands of incoming students. Actually, in the majority of countries “dissertation” has a distinguished meaning, while in some countries the difference doesn’t exist. Let’s dig deeper and clarify this misconception. 

Phd thesis or dissertation is a doctoral degree that one can decide to obtain after having finished an undergraduate program. It concerns further higher education, beyond the bachelor’s degree. It must be underlined that even a master’s thesis is a postgraduate degree. But there are several weighty particularities that make these two academic awards really distinct, and we are going to reveal all the secrets. 

What Do You Understand By Dissertation And Thesis?

It’s important to highlight that both dissertation and thesis are noteworthy achievements in the academic world. Though we haven’t opened the cards, “What is the difference between phd and masters theses”, you should understand that both mean recognition of your skills and knowledge. In fact, both present more professional opportunities. Both degrees have a remarkable weight among scholars and academicians. 

What do you understand about dissertation and thesis exactly? Can you write the first or the second one is more preferred? It’s time to open a black box.

Challenge Dissertation Vs Thesis: The Real Difference

While a dissertation or phd thesis are interchangeable terms and mean the same degree, a master’s thesis is a document that has evident different aspects compared to the first one. Dissertation vs thesis: the real difference: 

  • Novel knowledge vs current

So, the first difference of how to write phd thesis lies in the type of research. Dissertation demands a presentation of a novel result in the branch of science you study. You are expected to produce new and unknown findings. It must be your authentic contribution to science. Master’s thesis does not require anything new, but analyzing current experiments or techniques, or more. The only thing you have to do is add some different elements to the existing research. 

  • Volume and length

From the first difference, a logical consequence is a distinct volume of these documents. How long is a phd thesis? Considering the new discovery, the number of words for its description will be significant, up to 80000. The dissertation seems endless including a long literature review.  A Master’s thesis can take up to 15000 words, and the volume will be rather thin.

  • The committee presented during the defense

A Master’s thesis is considered a more internal document. It implies that you will present and defend your thesis in front of the committee that consists of scholars working at your university. The defense of a phd thesis vs dissertation is more complicated, as the members of a committee will be external scientists, and they will assess your dissertation based on a scientific point of view. Read more about their role. 

In most universities, you will be required to publish your new research in some scientific journal. Therefore, you must know all the tiny details of how to type phd thesis, as it will occupy a niche not only in your university but in the entire scientific society. 

Dissertation Vs Thesis: Similarities

What about dissertation vs thesis: similarities? Is there something common? 

Indeed, there are several similar aspects between these two academic papers. The first one is the research element that must be included in both documents. Though the nature of research is different, as described above, the process must take place. 

Then, thinking about how to write a phd thesis, keep in mind that even master’s thesis writing must adhere to strict academic rules and format. You have to follow a precise structure, writing style, and appropriate citation. It’s not a descriptive essay but a higher level of piloting. One more common aspect is a defense of the thesis in the presence of the committee. 

Thus, you can see some general similarities between writing a dissertation and a thesis. However, remember that before beginning to write any type of academic piece, ask for guidelines and a phd thesis example in your university. It will allow you to better understand how to compose a thesis. 

Examples Of Dissertation And Thesis Consulting Services

Now, that you know the differences and similarities between a PhD thesis or dissertation and a master’s thesis, you may decide whether you are interested in continuing studying after having achieved a bachelor’s degree. As you can notice, these differences make dissertations a more challenging and complicated task to complete. You can make your decision on your own or follow some advice as well. 

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