Looking For H1B Sponsoring Employer? Choose Only The Best

h1b sponsoring employer

There are many H1B Sponsoring Employer but to choose the best among them is difficult. There are certain factors which the H1B visa seeker should focus on to choose the best H1B Sponsoring Employer. Below mentioned are the factors based on which the H1B visa candidate can select the employer:

➤ Size of company
➤ Boarding facilities provided by company
➤ Staying comfort provided by company
➤ How much does the company pay
➤ What is the market position of the company
➤ Will the company do green card processing

Before selecting the company, it is very important to know about the size of the company. The size of company factor has always been vital. There are various reasons why the person would not like to join the small size company. If the candidate is fresher and is joining new then he would not prefer to work in the small size company. The main reason behind this would be that any person in the starting of his career would be having less contact and smaller network. Everyone wants to climb the ladder of success and for that the most important thing is the contacts and networks. People look forward to increase the professional network. Not having any contacts in the market of the corporate world makes it difficult to get job. Thus people prefer to join company with a large size to have more contacts in the initial phase itself.

For every person who is applying for the H1B visa for the first time, it is advisable to find the company which provides the boarding facilities. The cost of travel has to be afforded by the company. The H1B employment providing company should agree on carrying the travel and the boarding payment.

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Apart from the company paying for the travelling cost, it is beneficial to find the company which carries the lodging cost. The staying of the employee has to be taken by the company for the H1B visa employment. If the person is travelling abroad then it is the responsibility of the company to take care of his stay. Before applying to the company make sure the company trains you sufficiently for free without taking any extra charges.

The most important reason behind any person undertaking any kind of job is the pay associate with it. There will never be any honest confession by the employer about the pay. The candidate needs to be keen enough while investigating for the unbiased employer who pays off well and in time. Paying on time is very important. Some fraud companies take certain amount of money from the employee so that the employee does not think of taking transfer or leave the job. So carefully choose the company before applying for the work application.

Every company has some or the other market value based on the specialization provided by the company and its related market demand. The reputation of the company holds a great importance when it comes to selecting the best employer for the H1B visa candidate. Each company has its own specialty and are good at market only some technologies not all. The person who is applying for the H1B has to identify the best suitable company related to his field by comparing the market reputation of various companies belonging to same field.

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For the candidates who are willing to stay in USA for minimum of 6 years, must choose the employer who help in providing the candidate green card. If the plan is to completely settle in USA then prior to filing the application, know if the company does the required process for it or not. Most of the companies in the present economic situation of USA help the employees get the green card but still taking high risk is not advisable. The key to find out such companies is look for big and old companies. The companies which are well established and doing well from their business will show readiness in doing the visa process as it consumes high money and time.

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