Already Have An Internship? Time To Turn Internship to Job

Transform Internship to Job

Many international students who go to the United States on F1 visa for their further graduation take the internship programs which later can turn up to be beneficial for them as it gets converted into a permanent job. This is not so simple and easy as it seems but with some efforts the transformation can be done. Internship programs are the best way for students to grab a job with high pay without must of extra effort. During the internship period, the trainees get the chance to keep themselves in the shoes of the experts and land a real job for themselves. Start work on getting from student internship to job.

Choose the right internship to job opportunity:

One of the most crucial steps which help to convert the internship to job is the correct selection of the internship offered by the genuine and reliable people. The choice of the internship majorly depends on the company sponsoring it. Interns should seek an internship that can offer both learning and working in a substantial amount.

There is a myth that well established and the big MNC’s only offer the best internship. But the reality check assures that the best internship training opportunity can be grabbed from the small and medium level company. Before accepting or applying any kind of offer it is always suggested to take the advice from the career experts or seniors of the same field. Take a sound knowledge of their invaluable experience.

Entry Level Computer Science Jobs
MNCs / Big Companies – USA
Skills:  Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in computer or IT engineering or related technical field, B.S, M.S., B.Tech, M.Tech
Salary: $55 or more  per hour
Job Description:  Work roles will be under the diverse nature of a software technical nature. Urgent openings for computer graduates for an internship with leading companies. Great income and career chance…


Follow the company rules and regulation:

If you are sure of wanting the job in the same company you have done the internship, then you must follow the company rules and regulations firmly.

Whatsoever is the company dress code maintain that. Reach the company within the shift timings. Adhere firmly to the office culture properly.  Avoid being rude with the colleagues and the other staff of the company. Have the professional while working and talking with the higher authorities of the company. Abstain from being badmouthed with the worker and employees.

The first rule of professionalism is to leave back personal home issues and emotions before entering the office. Focus on the work only and not social media. Connect back to your personal life after office hours. Acting immature and surfing through the phone disconnects you from the work and working environment.

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Build Network:

When the internship begins, you have to witty and sharp to build a network. Apart from paying attention to work, start making connections and contacts from the initial day only. Try to engage and interact with your colleagues as much as possible.

In the professional world, the key to discuss is network building. Some opportunities missed; pinch forever so better than regretting it is advisable to utilize the internship wisely. Communicate with your seniors and the leaders who are guiding you on a regular basis. Do not be shy to talk with your fellow interns as well.

The references play a vital role in the future for getting the desired and the respective job position. These people can also inform you about the job alerts matching your profile if they know you well enough.

Internship programs provide the platform to students to increase their social connections by hosting some events and interacting activities where everyone gets a chance to open up and speak.

Clear the queries:

While you are given the training, avoid simply listening. Raise doubts, queries, and questions if you fail to understand the topic. This benefits in two ways, it clears the doubts in your mind making the base of the subject strong and it also reflects the trainer about your keen interest in the ongoing topic.

If you want clarification on any assignment do not worry about being scolded or ignored. Show enthusiasm to learn, be energetic and active all the time to keep learning new things. Make sure that you do not pretend to be known even though you have zero insight on the topic.

Avoid remaining idle, reflect your knowledge but only at the right time and the right place. The internship is the program where students get a chance to explore their knowledge and get in-hand experience in the working field.

While clearing the queries you can obtain a rounded, realistic preview of a prospective employer and job. This helps in making the career decision for life whether to continue for the same field down the road or change the path.

Try to follow the FILO rule:

Internships are for college students who are never trained to be on time. So if you want to stand out of all then make sure you reach the allotted place right before time or right on time but never late. People take internship liberally and break the time rule by being lazy. The internship program may or may not pay the student that depends but the work they ask for it the same as a permanent employee. Students dislike this and do not follow the shift narrowing their chance of grabbing a job. Even though your talent and skills are important, it’s almost equally important for employers to hire people who are faithful employees. Treat internships for graduate students or training and placement programs like a paying job, show up on time, don’t cut out early and you will get noticed.

Take Initiative:

There would be times during internships when you might have completed your ask and your trainer might not be free to help or guide you. Worry not and neither panic, utilize this free time by taking responsibility for your learning in your hands. Try to find something to do, whether it’s a task you know needs to be done. This attitude speaks a lot about your personality letting your trainer know about your dedication to work. Later when your boss gets out of his busy schedule to try asking him for more work.

Always try and put yourself in your boss’s shoes. Your internship might be one of the highlights of your career, but to them, you are probably one of many interns to come through the door. So if they don’t seem to be taking an interest in you, instead of getting deflated, try and think of ways to stand out and impress them.

Follow Instruction:

While your trainer is training you follow each and every instruction given by him. You have to sell yourself to the employer if you want to be hired for the job, for that attention to every minute detail is important. When you strictly follow whatever has been instructed then-employer starts building trust in you. Do not stay in the attitude of doing only some kind of work, healthily accept any kind of work given and complete it with full dedication and honesty.

Exceed Expectation:

Always try to achieve the extra mile in any work that you have been given. Do extra research, double-check the grammar, present options and, whatever you do, never cut corners. By going above and beyond the expectations of your boss, you are showing your passion for the work you’re doing and that you understand what it takes to get a job done.

Take the work seriously:

Do not play with the time around, take the work seriously and complete it in time.

Scrutinize every instruction given:

Before starting the work that you have been provided, examine properly about its pros and cons. Do not instantly start working for it give some time in exploring its details.

Show interest in the work allotted:

Internships programs are not for the employer but for you to expand your area of expertise and sharp your skills. Learn as much as you can by showing deep interest in the work allotted to you. Do not annoy your trainer by continually bugging his head with doubts but get to the crux of the topic.

Attend the meetings with proper attention and participation. Take permission from the managers to job shadow different positions in the company to grow your skillset. Think about what would you gain after the internship is over and not what you are presently giving.

Remind yourself to get the feedback from your trainers with the end of the internship program and now its time to turn your internship to job. Ask them if they can provide a reference to your resume and know if there are any future job opportunities in the company for you.

Set goals:

In the initial period of your internships make meetings with your trainers and managers asking them to help you set your future goals. Let them know about your interests and skills. Discuss what all you want to tackle and what kind of projects you want to undertake during the training period. If in the case the manager disapproves of your proposals maintain the spirit of facing challenges and new learning howsoever menial the work may be for you.

Not every task you’re going to do is something you’ll enjoy, but have the attitude that these are building blocks to your career. Once you show you can be trusted with small tasks, managers will give you more responsibility.

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Be positive:

Reflect the assertive attitude in your work. Learn as much as you can in the training period. Even if you are overburdened or overloaded with work do not get demotivated. Stay busy with the project and ask for more assignments if you tend to complete it before the time.  Do not overextend that is a negative sign but be always ready for helping others when asked. Even though the work does not excite or interest you, make the most of it for your future.

Times would come where you would feel undervalue or underrated but overcome with the motivation of doing something great.

Attend all programs:

Attend all of them. If the company has a softball team, join it. Talk to your colleagues to find out more about the company and what they like and don’t like about working there.

Try to volunteer to work in all the other parts of the company so that you get the chance to work with all the department people and mangers. By interacting with all the departments you have insight into the working field of the company. Volunteering programs helps in exploring the hidden talents if any. Prove that you can meet the responsibilities of a full-time job.

The company sometimes as a whole or department alone hosts the events for the interns which can help them excel their skills. Most of the time it is the employer or the trainer who arranges for the extra programs to benefit the trainees. Socializing with colleagues increases intelligent quotient.

Keep visiting company:

After the end of the summer internship if you are willing to join the company, make sure you remain connected with the company colleagues and staff. This can be possible only if you succeed in taking their contact information at the soonest.

Once the internship has been finished, sending thank you letter to the company managers and your trainers makes a great impact. While your graduation is on, you cannot obviously take up the job so make sure you keep in line with the company updates and the open job positions throughout the year.

If your performance was excellent and you were successful in impressing them then while you’re eligible for the open position they would think of you. Applying for a job is a mutual courtship.