Opportunities for OPT jobs in USA

Opportunities for OPT jobs in USA

Opportunities for OPT jobs in USA

To find opportunities in any field, you must understand the pattern of the same. One must conduct research to find out the potential scope and relevance of the area, in day-to-day life, it will help you to have a better understanding of the market and recent industry trends. So to know a bit about OPT jobs and the opportunities, read this article till the end. According to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, there are several categories of employment seekers, some are temporary workers, some are permanent workers, and entrepreneurs visiting the US for business purposes for a short term only. Here we are diving into the OPT jobs in USA, Optional Practical Training (OPT) is a temporary work permit of 12 months, to work while an international student is enrolled in any educational institution based in the USA.

International Students can work either before completing their academics, (pre-completion) or they can work after completing their academics (post-completion). However, if a student has already utilize the 12 months permit at the pre-completion stage, it will be deduct from the post-completion stage of work. 

An international student holding an F1 visa, and having OPT opportunities is eligible only if he is enroll in a full-time course or degree, and can be authorize for 20 hours per week, during the session. At the time of vacation or after completing school the student can work full-time. 

For STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) students the permit can be extend up to a total duration of 36 months. It is done so that the learning and training could contribute to the US job market.

An international student holding an F1 Visa is expect to be employee in the field of their major or specialization. It gives the US job market the potential and talent candidates who are train in the market, to contribute their learning in the industry as well. An accounting student is expected to work in their own field as an accountant, financial advisor, finance manager, economic policy maker and so on. 

The procedure of application for OPT jobs in USA 

  1. An international student must contact his school’s Designated Officer also known as DSO (Designated School Officer). 
  2. The DSO will then recommend the student, as a non-immigrant 
  3. The process will be followed afterwards with USCIS. 

Scope of OPT jobs in USA

The type of employment is to be offered by the recruiter, we see various types of employment in the OPT job opportunities. The pre-completion authorizes a student to work 20 hours per week, post completion might offer, full-time or part-time employment, Unpaid training, Internships, work for hire and employment through an agency. 

OPTnation is one such online forum which offers a wide scope to international students, who are looking for decent employment opportunities. The team of experts modify the resumes of the OPT candidates in a professional manner, the team highlights the key skills and strengths of the candidates based on the job description submitted by the recruiter.

The sole purpose is to make the resume noticeable and when the short-listed resumes approach the recruiter they can easily move forward with the interview process for hiring. The shortlisting of resumes is done so that the employer could save time by not conducting profile screening which is actually a time-consuming process. 

The scope of OPT jobs in USA is high when it comes to the hiring of globally talented youth, every recruiter wants a potential candidate who could be beneficial for the growth of their company. In recent years the demand for OPT students has increased affirmatively, with a rise of 60% in the hiring of OPT candidates in the USA job market. 

The principle that a student must get work authorization in their own field of education helps to conserve learning and training in the US job market, for a reasonable period of time. It also helps the candidate to grow and learn the recent trends of the industry and get the global exposure. It makes them confident and they feel motivated to find potentially good jobs, it adds up to their experience in their area of academics. 

Quick ways to look for OPT jobs in USA 

It is better for an OPT student to get assistance from a reliable and efficient organization like OPTnation, although the candidate can search for potential OPT jobs in USA on their own. But to save time and energy it is beneficial for them to take proper guidance and assistance from a team of experts who are always ready to help out at every stage before hiring. 

OPTnation is a team of professionals, who can lend you a decent job within a reasonable period of time. How is it done, the OPTnation has a huge database of resumes which are drop every day from candidates. Belongs to different academic streams, the sole purpose is to make the right matches.

The resumes are then sort out based on different categories, such as Visa-status, educational background, specialization, and professional experience. Different recruiters want a suitable candidate for their companies, who could prove to be the right match and could mingle with the company trends and work culture. 

The short-list resumes are then forward to the recruiters. The recruiters then directly approach the candidates and move with the hiring formalities. It is both a pocket-friendly and user-friendly process it saves time and energy. 

The update and new set of resumes is then recommend to the recruiters. Which assures that the recruiter’s offer will not be left un-answer. Sometimes when the resumes are outdate, the recruiters approach is left un-consider. As the candidate is already hire somewhere else or are not looking for the job anymore.

So even if the resume seems potential and perfect the candidate might not be ready for the job now. They provide 100 per cent assured leads, which is helpful for both the recruiter and candidates. As the recruiter can surely rely on the candidate’s response and the reason that the candidate. Also waiting for the employer to approach, makes it more sensible. 

Challenges faced by recruiters and candidates while looking for an OPT job in USA

There are certain challenges which are face by both the recruiters and the candidates. Recruiters deal every day with many candidates approaching them. But all a recruiter wants is a dedicate and commit candidate. Which is beneficial for the growth and development of the company.

On the other hand, the candidate faces too many challenges from finding a reliable recruiter to the desire job position or salary package. Sometimes the candidates are trap in false promises and fake job accounts. The reason being that they are new to the place and might be a soft target for fraud.  

Challenges faced by the recruiters 

  1. Screening of multiple profiles
  2. Sometimes the profiles do not match the job description so it is a task to choose the precisely matching profiles. 
  3. Hiring a mismatched profile later compels the recruiter to repeat the whole process of hiring 
  4. Conducting interviews on the daily basis 
  5. Investing much more time in hiring than required
  6. The recruiter finds it difficult to approach the candidates based on their hard skills, soft skills are also important 
  7. Outdated resumes 
  8. Approaching calls are left unattended because the resume is not up-to-date and the candidate is employed somewhere else.

Challenges faced by the OPT students 

  1. Wandering from company to company with their resume matching the same with the job description
  2. Getting away with the suspicious of fraud recruiters
  3. Hustling to secure a decent OPT job in USA with a decent pay
  4. Wanting to sack a job as per their Major, which is permissible as an OPT student holding an F1 Visa.  
  5. Lack of social connections might be a challenge in a foreign land. 
  6. Managing finances
  7. Managing to keep up with the company’s official website 
  8. Appearing for various interviews 
  9. Tailoring resumes with the key skills and strengths and capabilities wanted by the recruiter. 


  1. OPT students are authorize to work for 12 months with the F1 visa status
  2. The OPT students must seek the work permit through the DSO (Designated School Office)
  3. There are two types of permits either while the duration of the course or degree the pre-completion. And after completing their graduation or specialization post-completion 
  4. An OPT student is expect to work in their own field of education and not otherwise. 
  5. The pre-completion holds the authorization to work for 20 hours per week. And post-completion with varied offers, internships, training, short-term hiring, and full-time or part-time employment. 
  6. The STEM students get the opportunity to extend the work duration by 24 months. So they get a total period of 36 months. 
  7. Screening multiple profiles and analyzing them as per the job description is one of the challenges face by the recruiter 
  8. Team OPTnation is always ready to assist the recruiter in finding the right match as per the job description submitted by the recruiter 
  9. Also, OPTnation provides guidance and assistance to the candidate in their journey of getting a desired OPT job in USA
  10. The up-to-date set of resumes is transfer to the recruiters with 100 per cent assure leads. 
  11. Within a reasonable period of time, a candidate is able to sack a decent job. 
  12. It is a pocket-friendly and user-friendly service by the team OPTnation.