OPT Jobs in USA for International Students

OPT Jobs in USA for International Students

OPT Jobs in USA for International Students

How to find OPT jobs in USA?

There are more than 400 recruiters in the USA who actively hire international students for OPT jobs in USA. There are many resources which confirm that there is a demand for CPT and OPT students in the US labor market. 

The only restriction that is commonly brought up is that of a Visa category, companies are a little conscious about the visa status of International students. But did you know? There are some industries in the job market that are always welcoming international students, it is a very positive approach that tech or non-tech companies do hire a variety of talent.

Though it is mandatory for an OPT student to get a job role which is directly connected with the field of their education, it helps them understand the industry well and adds up to the professional experience. 

Career mobility in the US job market

The US job market witness every year the arrival of approximately a million international students implying thereby there is a lot of young and fresh talent. A total of 80% of the students come here for STEM degrees and end up finding decent job offers in big MNCs like Facebook, Amazon, Google, IBM, Deloitte, Ernst & Young and Apple.

A lot of international students come here to find OPT jobs in USA, and end up getting full-time job opportunities in the USA. Although they have to apply for a different Visa category such as H1B or L1A, which is sponsor by the employer based in the USA. So, OPT jobs are life-changing opportunities for candidates who are aspiring to start their careers in the USA. 

Through this opportunity, the talent and learning of the OPT student is contributed to the US job market only, hence it does not allow the talent to flow away with the global competitors. So it is beneficial for the market, for the countries and for the candidates who are seeking a potential opportunity to work with the US recruiters to gain skills and experiences of a lifetime. 

How OPTnation helps?

Team OPTnation helps international students at various stands, they offer guidance and assistance to the students in targeting the companies who are actively hiring for the job roles which are connect with the educational qualification of the OPT student. As OPT students are authorize to get the work permit only for the position which is based on their Major. The team of professionals at OPTnation understands the market well, so it is better to have a reliable forum by your side.

The team of experts also modifies the resume professionally and tailors it with all the key skills and experiences which are expect to be there as per the specific requirements of the job. The recruiters rely on the recommendations of the team OPTnation, as they conduct profile screening, analyse the profiles, categorization of the portfolios based on educational qualifications, visa category, and professional experience. 

Scope of OPT jobs in USA

There are several opportunities for international students for OPT jobs in USA such as industries offering financial services, and companies like Deloitte, E&Y and JP Morgan hire fresher International students. There are various job roles such as accountants, financial advisors, economic policymakers and banking jobs.

Although an OPT student can get a job position which is directly connect to the field of their education, and not otherwise.  There are researches industries which hire fresh and talented international students, Universities also hire actively for research associates, such as Stanford University.

It gives a whole new sphere to the perspective of international students, a new and brighter side of employment and endless opportunities in top-notch universities. Moving on to the other industries which are known to hire international students is Consultancy and staffing industries, such as Randstad, Cognizant and Eridic solutions.

Various positions are offer to the freshers for in-house only; it helps them understand the pattern of the industry and the corporate culture. The dynamic patterns and ever-changing industrial trends give the opportunities to have a greater understanding of the demand for a degree or program chosen by the student. 

Top-notch companies like IBM, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and other global competitors are always hiring for various job positions like customer support, technical support, analytics, data science, finance positions and marketing. 

Scope of OPT jobs in USA for STEM students

A STEM student can easily find jobs in the tech industry, top companies like CISCO, DELL, ADOBE and others look for freshers for software-based job roles, and there are various other positions such as hardware and IT-based job roles. The good part for the STEM students is they get the authorization through an extension to work apart from the general permit for 12 months; they in total get 36 months.

The tech-based industry hires aggressively international students, for entry-level jobs or internships, even if the STEM students have manage to get their hands on the internship offer in one of the biggest tech companies, they get a kick start for their career. As it will not only add up to their professional experience but also give them the global exposure to secure a job in future with global competitors. 

STEM students can also get OPT jobs in USA in financial services, as every sector has relied on technology and data analytics which require a STEM background to understand the technical know-how of the job role. For students with a STEM background, there are endless opportunities in universities like MIT and ORISE which are hiring students, giving freshers a chance to rise and shine. They offer positions for research associates and research interns, who can assist Professors and teams working in the research on subjects related to Science and Technology, also pharmaceuticals or medicines.  


  • There is a high scope for international students, as there are more than 400 employers actively hiring international students as they seek young and fresh talent. 
  • The OPT student while looking for OPT jobs in USA must run very extensive research and a background check if they are offered employment. Sometimes there are companies or business holdings that are committing fraud with job seekers; they charge money in return for the job offer. 
  • The OPT students get the chance to secure jobs in industries like Consultancy and staffing industries, non-profit research-based industries, and financial services. 
  • For STEM students there are opportunities in tech industries for hardware and software, banking jobs, and research industries which offer jobs in science and technology, medicines, data handling and manufacturing. 
  • The demand for international students is aggressive in different companies who are hiring contractual labor or for a short term. Although the OPT students can get a job full-time or part-time based on their talents. 
  • OPTnation assists and guides international students in sacking an OPT job. From the modification of their resume to highlighting relevant skills and experiences as per the job description. They also prepare the student for the upcoming interviews and discover the potential of the candidates.