5 Potential Career Pathways In The Landscape Industry

careers in the landscape industry

The landscaping industry offers a diverse range of job opportunities, enabling a diverse range of experts to thrive in the industry. If you like gardening and have a sense of creativity, landscaping might be a good fit for you.

This article explores the landscaping industry’s various career prospects. Additionally, it’ll help you discover the many paths you may take in the landscaping industry, including how much money you can expect to earn.

What is a landscaping professional ?

The landscaping sector encompasses a wide range of professions. Some career professionals’ work responsibilities contribute significantly to the environment’s cleanliness, well-being, as well as aesthetics and landscapes people enjoy.

Some careers work indoors or in a research laboratory, and others work outdoors for most of the time. Some careers labor in the field, providing the necessary supplies and equipment for creating and maintaining landscapes.

Landscape professionals range from entry-level workers to CEOs and managers who use business management apps to organize their large-scale operations, much like this one offered by Jobber, to help run their landscaping business. To put it short, regardless of particular career tasks and roles, anyone engaged in creating and maintaining the green areas people enjoy is a landscaping professional.

What is the average salary range?

The median income ranges can be quite different, depending on the job and the company you’ll work for. For instance, the entry-level salary is usually about USD$25,000 per year for occupations, such as lawn care maintenance or nursery specialists. But there are also more high-paying careers in the industry.

For instance, as of October 2021, the median Landscape Contractor income in the United States is USD$61,189. However, the pay range is normally between USD$51,710 and USD$72,138. Most of this income comes from commercial lawn care contracts. (1)

Salary ranges may vary significantly based on a variety of crucial aspects, such as training, certifications, expertise, and years in the field. Moreover, these figures don’t include benefits and bonuses. It all depends on your employer and your position, but the benefits packages might be excellent.

With that said, landscaping jobs aren’t only enjoyable but lucrative, with a high level of stability and employment security.

What does a career in landscaping require?

Not all landscaping careers necessitate strenuous physical exertion. The reality is a lot of it is done at an office or in a laboratory. In addition, customer service skills are just as crucial in this sector as knowing how to handle a shovel.

Furthermore, certain professions, particularly those concentrating on design or dealing with specific plants, may benefit substantially from a college education. However, not all jobs need a bachelor’s degree. Many roles, particularly those at the entry-level, provide on-the-job training. (2)


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What are the Careers in the Landscape Industry

More than 1.2 million people work in landscaping services in the United States. Moreover, there’s no shortage of opportunities in the current employment market, and they’re all in need of competent and qualified workers. Hence, you should be able to obtain a job at any time of the year. (3)

Here are some of the career opportunities waiting for you in the landscape industry:

  1. Lawn Care Specialist

Lawn care specialists are responsible for the overall upkeep of a yard. Often, these professionals operate as independent contractors hired by homeowners or other landowners to manage the lawn. Moreover, it’s common for lawn care professionals to provide a wide range of services, including mowing, weeding, fertilizing, and watering.

A job as a lawn care professional is a perfect fit for people who appreciate working independently outside in different weather conditions. It’s also a wonderful job option for those who like setting their own pace, seeing the benefits of their labor, and interacting with clients.

  1. Greenhouse Worker

Greenhouse employees look after the plants in greenhouses. Professionals in this field may work in different commercial, agricultural, retail, or domestic greenhouses.

Greenhouse care responsibilities include watering, pruning, and relocating plants as necessary to promote growth. In addition, workers at retail greenhouses may advise consumers on the best plants for their homes. They can also advise on how to care for the plants they buy.

It’s common for those who work in the greenhouse and landscaping sector to have a strong interest in both the biology of plants and their aesthetic appeal. Along with interest in plants, this job involves a strong desire to interact with people since greenhouse specialists are often sought for advice, assistance, and problem-solving expertise.

  1. Arborist

Arborists are professionals that specialize in the care and maintenance of trees and tree-like species. An arborist’s tasks may entail tree planting and maintenance. They also help in determining the viability of trees presented in a landscape design for a particular area. Above all, arborists understand their obligation to preserve the significant value that trees may contribute to life and property.

For this job, you’ll need to be physically active and comfortable working with heights since you may need to climb trees. Moreover, an arborist job is ideal for those who like working independently outdoors. It also fits best for problem solvers and those who are not afraid of getting their hands dirty in all kinds of situations.

  1. Landscape Designer/Architect

Landscape designers are specialists responsible for the planning and execution of landscaping projects. They may work within the confines of a client’s requirements or may be allowed to develop whatever design they believe suits the area best.

On the other hand, landscape architects are designers who focus exclusively on large-scale landscape projects. They also oversee the design of a major property or work on large-scale land alteration or structural construction.

Landscape design or architecture may be an excellent career choice for people who are artistic and have strong attention to detail. It’s also best for individuals who like working with other people since the job requires teamwork and client interaction.

  1. Irrigation specialist

Irrigation experts are responsible for the upkeep of lawns and gardens by planning the design and installation of irrigation systems. They develop sophisticated systems that maintain ideal water levels for plants and grass in a property.

Additionally, they examine, audit, calibrate, and repair systems to guarantee optimal efficiency and water conservation. Moreover, they operate in a variety of settings, including residential and commercial. They also work with municipalities and sports arenas for turf maintenance.

Final Thoughts 

Working in the landscaping sector may be a lucrative and satisfying job, particularly for people who like plants and working with other people. It’s an industry that gives long-term employment stability and a wide range of career options. If you’re willing to take a step, these landscaping career opportunities are available for you.


About the Author –
Lauren Taylor is a career coach and trainer with ten years of experience in the career and job industry. She’s a frequent contributor to a variety of publications on the subject of job-hunting and career development. As a career coach, she focuses on students’ talents and assists them in identifying and developing their unique abilities to facilitate easy job placement.


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