Prerequisites to Get PMI PMP Certification – Build Your Career

prerequisites to get pmi pmp certification

Becoming a certified project manager is a great achievement for many professionals. Many professionals consider that leading a project should be very easy. Reality shows that project management is a challenging domain that requires qualified specialists. So, if you want to be successful, you need to develop the right skills for this position Certbolt Dumps. Gaining certification from a prestigious institute is a very wise decision. This is the case of the PMP accreditation, issued by PMI (Project Management Institute). The vendor offers the opportunity to learn how to become a skilled project manager and gives you access to professional materials and expert trainers. Could you wish for more?

Conditions to Obtain PMI PMP Certification

The Certbolt PMI PMP credential is globally recognized. International companies value it as a top project management certificate and consider that exam-passers have gained the necessary project management skills during the certification process. But, before you take the PMP exam, you should first read the prerequisites and make sure that you are eligible.

The vendor’s website is the best source of information that you can try. You should meet one of the following sets of conditions:

  • Obtained a four-year degree
  • Can prove that you have lead projects for a minimum of 36 months
  • Have already gained the CAPM badge or spent 35 hours in training that is focused on project management


  • You should have an associate’s or high school diploma (in case you don’t have any of these, you should have an equivalent degree which is globally recognized)
  • Spent at least 60 hours on leading projects
  • Earned the CAPM certification or have 35 hours of training dedicated to project management

If you meet all the above-mentioned criteria, you should submit your application. Once it is approved, you will receive an eligibility ID to get the Certbolt PMP certification which is valid for one. You can use this ID to make a test appointment and take the exam whenever you feel ready in the following 12 months. During this one-year eligibility period, you can take the test three times.

Skills Tested to Become PMP-certified

The PMP exam is a 4-hours exam during which you need to need to complete 200 Certbolt Test Questions, 25 of which are not scored. Thus, this assessment is not easy as you may think. It includes five major topics that test different types of skills. Let’s take them one by one and tell you more about the abilities you need to develop to succeed.

  1. The first chapter is dedicated to project management initiation. Candidates will have to demonstrate that they have analytical skills and handle strategic management abilities.
  2. The second chapter checks the exam-takers’ planning skills. They will learn how to deploy communication planning and how to select different criteria to choose the right contract types.
  3. Execution is the third chapter. It helps students learn more about the interdependencies between different types of projects and how to identify and use proper budgeting tools.
  4. As you get closer to the end, you will also learn more about monitoring and controlling. You will learn more about project finance principles and how to use different monitoring tools.
  5. The final chapter is dedicated to project closing techniques. You will discover more about close-out procedures and how to use proper project review techniques.


The Certbolt PMI PMP certification is globally recognized to help professionals become experts in project management. This certificate helps you understand how to lead a project from the beginning until the end, using the proper tools to improve business performance. Keep an eye on the sets of conditions that you need to comply with and you are ready to become a respected project manager.