Pros and Cons of Working While In College

working while in college, ros and cons of working while studying

Many of you wonder whether you should consider working while in college or not. Starting your new life in U.S can be bewildering and you may not know what would be beneficial for you. Dealing with this confused state of mind can be made easier if you read what we have for you.

Pros of Working While In College : Let’s look at the brighter side of it.

Working while in college can compensate for the money that your parents have invested for your study in the USA.

Parents invests a lot of money or take a loan to send you to USA for studying. You should take the responsibility to work hard and at least earn enough to clear out your daily expenses. Your parents shouldn’t be sending you money for your living (there at U.S.). They should also know that you are capable enough to make a living for yourself. This way you gain a lot and not just money. If you know what we mean! 😉

Working while in college can give you an idea about industries and give you some job experience.

We are all aware about the importance of having a prior job experience. In this fast moving world, we are required to move just as fast. You shouldn’t leave any opportunity to miss out on any opportunity that comes your way. And if you know, you are allowed to work along with studying in the university, you should definitely go for it. Having some job experience will help you a lot once you graduate. It will become easy for you to get hired since recruiters always pick people who have some knowledge of the industrial work than someone who doesn’t.

Working while studying in college study will train you to manage things at work and college.

One of the most important skills that recruiters look for in any candidate is ‘Time management skills’. It holds a lot of importance as when you work in the corporate world, there will be time limits and things have to be done within a particular time frame. Your would will move fast and managing things just right will give your company a reason to make you stay and get you promoted later on. So, things will only work in your favor and burning the midnight oil will be worth it.  It is very important that you balance work life with your college life.

As uncanny as it sounds, but, working along with studying will help you get good grades.

The amount of exposure that you get while working, will definitely help you grow and you can always make use of it in your examinations. Whatever work you do (in college or at your job) is going to help you in both the environments. There are people who can manage the day so effectively that they plan and accomplish everything successfully. When you have a lot of things to do, you improve upon your soft skills and in this way, make room for improvement day by day. The end result is absolutely astonishing and you will be all smiles about the improvements that you see in you.

You will get better at money managing skills

When you start earning for yourself without any other support, you will have to plan how you will spend your money and how much out of it should be saved. In short, you are the manager of your life and have to master the money managing skills to live adequately.


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Cons of Working While In College: Would it also turn out to be problematic?

Finishing assignments can become stressful.

With ample amount of work to be done at office, you are also over burdened with assignments, projects, and what not… At first, it might look manageable but if you lose track of it, you will lose out on managing everything. It becomes extremely crucial to do things on time and make everything accomplished as per the plan. Planning out things is extremely important if there are so many things to be done and making everything go as per the plan makes it even important-err 😀

It will be difficult to manage both work and college commitments.

There may be events at college that you mandatorily have to attend and there is an existing load of accomplishing things at office already. In such scenarios, you have to make a fair choice and plan out things in such a way that both work and college commitments are met. You have to sacrifice your sleep to find that extra time which will make things okay at the end.

You will have no time for yourself and your closed ones.

With so much to do, finding time for your family and friends will seem to be unachievable. You will have to make them understand that managing everything is already difficult and they will have to miss you to see you doing well in U.S. One will have to make these kind of sacrifices to make ends meet.

You will not be able to fully enjoy your college life.

While students would be totally living out their college lives, hanging out with friends, adventure and so much more. You will have to keep yourself away from all this. Your one and only aim should be to think about growing your career. You have been sent to costly universities for that purpose only and you must remember that. You may feel miserable at some point , but you must not forget what you have come for.

We hope you know what would be best for you. We have provided you all the basic information to help you deal with the dilemma you are facing today. If you have to gain something, you have to sacrifice on a couple of things. Soon, you will find yourselves managing things just right. We hope you get the best of both worlds. Have a great time ahead. We wish you all the best for your future endeavors.