8 Top Reasons to Study Cyber Security

Reasons to Study Cyber Security

In an increasingly digital age, the expertise of cybersecurity personnel becomes more highly sought after. This trend seems like it will continue for a long time to come. Just as printing companies were essential during the days of print media, we must now learn to make way for more digitalization. So, for those of you who have been thinking about whether it is a worthy choice to delve into this industry, you have come to the right place. We gathered feedback from professionals who are already in the industry to provide some insight into their impetus for joining and reasons to study the cyber security sector.

Following are the Best Reasons to Study Cyber Security:

1.   The web of network connectivity is consistently expanding

If you see a common pattern right now, you would realize your mobile phone is becoming more and more indispensable in your life. This extends to other devices such as household items as well. Previously who would have thought that we would not need to manually draw the curtains? No one. But now, with a single press of a button or a command, artificial intelligence does it for you. As we advance further and further in this aspect, cyber technology will be here to stay for a long time to come. As we start to rely more and more on them, it is crucial that we enhance their security. For example, many of us deposit our money into banks. But most banks, if not all, will use internet banking. Without cybersecurity, no one is protecting your money which is sitting in the cyber realm.

2.   Increase in job opportunities with the expansion

As we have mentioned above, the world is only going to become more and more connected. This means to say that, this has the potential to make cybersecurity a large industry. With a large industry, you are safe to assume that there are plenty of opportunities afloat for you to grab. As such, cybersecurity is a good industry to consider if you want to beat the odds of employment with higher opportunities. This can be one of the prominent reasons to study cybersecurity for some candidates.

3.   The expansion brings about a more diverse cyber world

While the above seems ideal, that the industry has limitless potential, do not worry about it becoming a factory-like kind of operation. This is because as cyber use proliferates, different segments will crop up. This means to say that, it will not be the standard job where cybersecurity is a singular operation and the many opportunities are just repetitions of that. Just like any other industry, the cyber world will also birth many more specific roles like governance, engineering, assessment, and more.

4.   Cybersecurity is multi-faceted

There is no standard path to follow regarding the educational path. It is, after all, a more hands-on kind of career. So while it is definitely an asset to have a Cyber Security Bachelor’s Degree, not having one does not put you at any serious disadvantage. The cybersecurity journey is opened to many different starting points like an associate’s degree in IT or any IT-related fields. The key thing regarding this career is to build up the experience and skills needed. So, if you can offer more by having more skills like CompTIA Network+, Security+, and the (ISC)^2SSCP, your resume is invincible. Getting ec-council cybersecurity certifications will also boost your resume.

5.   Cybersecurity is an internal job for trusted personnel

When we talk about cybersecurity, it is usually concerned with protecting important trade or industry secrets within the company. The chances of such a role being outsourced are minimal. If you are to be hired as in-house cybersecurity personnel, know that you are trusted and essential to the company. Even if they were to one day outsource this job, you can be sure that companies are likely to be conservative with those they hire. As this security is meant for sensitive information, you can be assured that clients will not hop from company to company as that will expose them to more risk.

6.   You are a cyber hero to many

To say the least, you can be a hero to many at the right moments. Take the banking example from above. You are protecting the general public’s resources. You are like law enforcement except that law enforcement cannot accomplish their job without you operating on the backend. So, this is definitely a fulfilling role as you get to sieve out the suspicious persons and prevent harm to the general populace.

7.   It is a dynamic career

I am sure you have heard of common feedback from people working in conventional roles. Some of the more common ones are things like stagnating, reaching the peak of their career advancement, or that it is repetitive. Well, this will not be the case with cybersecurity. This is because of two reasons. Firstly, cybersecurity is relatively new which means that there are still undiscovered segments of cybersecurity which means there are high chances for the creation of new roles. Secondly, the cyber world will consistently have new challengers which means new solutions need to be thought up. In fact, right after you solve one, you would probably already need to move on to the next problem. So, it will never go stale. You will always be stimulated one way or another.

8.   Excellent career for those who thrive on problem-solving

As mentioned above, this career is great for those who love solving problems. There will always be new problems and if you love it, all the merrier. This way, you will never feel like it is a chore to work. A job doesn’t have to be a chore if you love doing it. And if you’re good at it, all the better. So, if you love problems, you will never feel that cybersecurity is work.


Hence, if you are someone who is currently aimless or hesitating on trying out the cybersecurity industry, it might be time to take a leap of faith. These reasons to study cyber security may have given you some confidence. Not only will this be the new up and coming industry if you love it, but you will also definitely enjoy it! Expert-proven.


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