7 Warning Signs it’s Time to Change Jobs

7 Signs it’s Time to Change Jobs

Everyone always anticipates getting a job that they feel is a dream job. People always look forward to working in a good company. What they don’t consider at that point is how they might feel after getting into the job they ‘love’. Is there any way to know when is it time to change jobs?

Many a time, it happens that people get to their dream jobs with highest satisfaction and then start feeling that they are in the wrong place. Your goals and interests might change over time hence it is alright to feel a gap between your current job and your life goals.

What we need to realize is that this gap can cause us to feel disinterested in our jobs and slowly bring us to a position of dissatisfaction. Whatever be the job position, the pay scale, the corresponding benefits, once it goes out of your bounds of life goals, it starts becoming a burden more than anything.

This can happen to anyone. To understand this and to not fall prey to a stressful job, let’s go through this article on understanding the signs that you need to change your job.

Top 7 Signs it’s Time to Change Jobs

1.    No more ‘Motivation’ to work.

Working is something that comes with an extension such as ‘makes you a better person’, ‘Improve your lookout’. The motivation to work may be different for many. But it still stays.

There are times when you don’t feel like working or wanting a break. This is not because you don’t like the work but rather because everyone, at times, need a change in scenery to become their efficient best.

When you start lacking this feel, every time you sit for work. And you just plainly work to ‘work’ and no more to feel the ‘bliss’, it might be an indication to find the next job.

2.    ‘Good Pay’ doesn’t feel good anymore

Most of the time when we jump into a job, it is not because it is our dream job but rather, it pays well. We work hard even when we don’t like our work. Initially, money, as motivation, makes us take this to a certain extent.

When a fallout between the work alignment and our life alignment starts becoming large, we start feeling a bit down. Soon, money is not enough to keep us interested in the same work anymore. Money may work its charm for a short time. Down the lane, you might feel no more into just money. Find a job suiting your thoughts and life alignment.

3.    Work-life – personal life imbalance

We work so that we have a better lifestyle alongside our families. Work makes us keep afloat and help us in maintaining our ‘good’ lifestyle. Well, let’s be frank, money matters.

But what is not okay is when work thoughts start overpowering our interpersonal relations with our own family. Work is not the sole dimension of our life. Watch out for such an imbalance if you are not able to give proper time to your people.

This needs to be fixed. Try to realign your balance between work and personal matters. If not, then the last option is to shuffle your job. It is better to have a job where you can give equal importance to your personal relations.

4.    Health goes down the drain

Our work should not be something that pulls down our health and our peace of mind. It is not for our deterioration but for building a better guarantee for a bright tomorrow. Feeling stressed about work is sometimes commonly seen in many employees. So it is not something of a major context.

When does it become a major context? If stress felt becomes a constant thought in your mind. This will not just depreciate your working standards and your working capabilities but also affect your mental and physical health. If this is continuous, you need to make up your mind to change your job.

5.    Workplace discussion feels no more healthy

We can only improve ourselves when we put our viewpoints and compare them with others’. This is not a comparison of who is better. Rather a discussion that helps you understand a perspective about what is better for you as an individual.
This way of working,i.e communicating with your teammates and team leader for a better understanding, is a must in improving your way of working and your way of giving output as per the team’s requirement.

When discussions become debates or take some unpleasant turn, then we slowly start to shun sharing our thoughts. At the workplace, if all the conversation starts taking such an edge, then have an introspection into your work life.

6.    Thought of ‘Work’ brings dread

You wake up in the morning with a shiver, thinking of what is to follow in the day. You no more look forward to ‘working’ but rather dread the time spend at your workplace. The job that once felt like ‘tailor-made’ for you doesn’t fit you anymore.

Well, this is something that everyone feels, at least, once in their life. But if this feeling becomes a constant, then you need to think about changing your workspace to one suiting your thoughts and life goals.


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7.    Constant thoughts of a ‘Better Life’

What makes us work harder is the thought of coming back home happier to spend a beautiful life with our family or maybe some gratifying thoughts about having a good life.

But when our work life makes us think about a hopeful thought that we will have a better future someday. RED ALERT!!!! You need to find a better job as soon as you can. Working in a constant thinking mode where you crave for a better future while being in a continuous worry state considering the present is the worst thing ever.


What starts as small symptoms should not be ignored. As much as this is important, one must try to stay calm in life and not overthink one’s situation. Finding an answer will need one to stay mindful.

Toxicity, in any form, in one’s life should be ridden of as soon as possible. We hope you recognize these toxic signs in your professional life and have the life that you have been dreaming of.