Unemployment Survival Guide: 10 Tips to Help You Overcome Job Loss and Grow

10 Tips on How to Survive Unemployment

Unemployment is the status no one wants. But yet, there are times when every employee faces this situation where they don’t have a place to go to in the morning. Unemployment has been the scariest term for people. Many situations in the country or the company have forced many towards it.  Unemployment can be difficult for many people but it can be survived with a will to go on in life. We have curated some tips for you on how to survive unemployment and help yourself with a motivation to grow and shape your future.

Any situation in this whole world can be survived, and unemployment is just one of them which we will discuss here.

Let us discuss some tips that can help to survive unemployment stage.

1.   Maintain Mental Stability

Many people lose all their faith and heart after getting unemployed. The tip is the opposite. Mental stability is very fragile and important to maintain. Even if every morning there is nothing to do or nowhere to go like before stay calm. Go for an early morning walk to freshen up.

Do Yoga or just listen to some soothing music to calm your mind. Mental misbalance can ruin more than unemployment can. Maintaining mental stability can also help in making future goals and planning.

2.   Reach Out To Close Ones

When unemployed, connect to the people you love. During regular workdays, it becomes hard to catch up with others. But during your not working days, make plans for your loved ones. Talking to the people you are comfortable with can release stress and also can open opportunities.

People like family and friends can advise better on how one can survive unemployment in these tough times. Getting good advice and some friendly chat can help a lot. Also, reach out to any ex-colleagues if possible. People you had good professional relationships with.

Socializing can help you to understand how other people are dealing or dealt with similar situations.

3.   Self-Analysis

After losing or quitting a job, one can take few days off to restart the whole process. Then, when you are mentally calm start making plans for tomorrow. Analyze your strengths and weakness, skills you have and the skills you want to learn, things that can help you get a job, and the reasons why you lost your previous one.

Self-analysis is very important in every situation which life throws us at. With the help of many useful techniques, you can know a lot about your professional self.

You can also analyze the market, the industry and find out what is on the hot plate. Learning can only take place when you know what to learn and why to learn it. All of these can be figured out after the analysis of yourself and of the market in which you are going to perform.

4.   Don’t Be A Horse In The Race

“Horse in the race” is the phrase used for someone who only runs the same race the same way. The tip here is to not be a horse in the race. Look for opportunities outside your track. This does not mean lose your track but explore instead.

New opportunities are available everywhere, so when unemployed start looking for new opportunities.

The new job profiles that are coming up in the market, the new skills that are getting the highest pay, the new companies that are looking for people desperately. All these are new and different. When you will start working on yourself, you will find that there are many other places where you can fit.

Research and find more about your profession or other professions for knowledge.

5.   Ask For Help

Many freshly unemployed people feel lost and confused about their future which is perfectly normal. When there is no one or no way you can talk to, then do not be stressed.

Ask for help from consultants, seniors, family people, or any experienced individual from contact. Even if this is not possible then go on the global web pages and post questions. If not personally, but digitally you can find many answers and solutions.

Seek local or online consular regarding your professional experiences and future prospects. Many counselors like that also have jobs or contacts that can help find a job or apply for related opportunities. Asking for help is something that one must do if one has no plans as such and is feeling lost.

6.   Mark Your Expenses

The biggest flaw of unemployment is the financial flaw. When you are used to getting a fixed amount of salary every month, then suddenly not getting that money can create anxiety. But, during the unemployment phase, one can understand the importance of savings. Even start investing and holding extra expenses which can help during unemployment times.

Mark the expenses which can be avoided and the ones which cannot. The items or the expenses that can be avoided. Until and unless new opportunities are confirmed, try to keep the hand tight and make the living easy.

7.   Job Search in Full Flow

When you are unemployed and looking for new jobs then keep looking. Keep searching for jobs till you finally get one. This process can be tiring and lengthy but do not settle for less. Look for numerous options at different job portals and companies.

A job search can be done through various sources only if one knows who to use such sources accurately.  Join a job online group, register at job boards, network or anything related to an employment opportunity that is related to your sector or industry.


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8.   Work On Yourself

When there is no fixed schedule for working and managing personal life, you can utilize the time by working on yourself. You can work on yourself by maintaining your physic, eating healthy, learning new skills, keeping mental stability, and keeping oneself positive.

Work on yourself for a better future and no employed person can do that every day. Having a positive future outlook can also indirectly guide and motivate you to work on yourself. Create an impressive resume and keep working and adding to improvise it. To survive unemployment period, we need to work hard and learn new skills to get better opportunities.

9.   Gain Practical Knowledge

Go for volunteering work, do a small internship, be a part of anything that can make a change in life, and gain knowledge. Here, knowledge is not used only for technical skills but all other types of things as well.

No work is small or low profile when you are unemployed. Not with a desire to achieve something but try to work in the field among people to gain something. Just sitting in the box or cubicle will also happen when you will find a job but before that happens try to expand your horizon and find work.

10.  Have a Plan

Make a daily structured plan. When to wake up, when to go for exercise, when to eat, etc. Have a plan for your daily routine and keep improvising. Plan for your time in a day when you will meet people and look for a job. Make a time schedule for new skills, new activities, any volunteer work, or anything that you can do.

Having a long-term plan is also advisable but it should be realistic. Plan for your career yearly basis and take steps that can help you get there.  Having a plan is very important. As it will give you the reason to work every day and progress for that plan or goal for the future.

Hope our blog helps you get motivated to do more hardwork for your growth and conquer problems to survive unemployment.