Why Can’t I Find a Job? – Reasons of Unemployment

Why Can't I Find a Job - Reasons of Unemployment

If you’re asking yourself “why can’t I find a job? question despite being perfectly qualified and determined in your job search, it’s time to sit back and introspect. Below are some of the reasons that might lead you to a dead end in your way to find a job:

Poor Preparation – Practice and preparation make all the difference. Do a proper research about the company you’re going to an interview for. If you’ve several interviews lined up at the same time organize them in such a way that it won’t cause any confusion. Mixing up details of different companies will make you come across as unprepared and uninterested. It’s one of the most basic reasons of unemployment that your hiring manager won’t even bother to tell you on your face.

Introduction to an interviewer – It’s vital to make a first impression good. Introduction to the interviewer is one of the most crucial moment of an interview. Many recruiters make their decision on the way how  candidate  introduce themselves to an interviewer. Do not take a seat without being offered, it shows your bad manners which can lead to miss your job opportunity and then you keep wondering why you can’t get a job.

Dressing inappropriately for a job interview – A first bad impression can almost ruin all your chances of getting the job. Dressing appropriately for a job interview is a big part of making a first good impression. The key is not to overdress but dress sensibly, prefer light shades rather than wearing bright funky colors. Do a thorough research of the company and the workplace and dress accordingly.

Showing up late or way too early – Punctuality is the key. Showing up late at your interview will only make you come across as an unprofessional and someone who doesn’t value time. Therefore, leave for the interview a bit early so that even if there’s traffic on the road you can still reach on time. Subsequently, arriving way too early for the interview is also a strict no.

References are not lined up – You must have a separate list of references ready when applying for a job. Hiring managers check them. You don’t want to be panicking at the last moment to find people who will speak to your credentials.

Saying the wrong thing – You should limit your talks to what you can offer the company if you get the job. Talk about your qualifications and skills that make you suitable for the job. Keep you focus on making a match between yourself and the job, not on why you want it. Don’t blurt out things unnecessarily as speaking too much will knock you out of the list of potential employees.

Not Having Questions for the interviewer – When your employer asks if you have any questions for them, always reply in positive. This shows that you’re excited and curious about the job and willing to learn more about the organization and your role in it. Many candidates overlook this step but it is crucial to find a job.

Social Media – It is becoming a vital part of the recruitment process. 43% of hiring managers have stated that they research the candidates online and on social networking sites. If the hiring managers find material such as inappropriate photos, negative talk about a previous employer, discovering that the candidate lied about their qualifications, finding that the candidate uses drugs, etc, can immediately make them reject you.

Not following up – It’s important to follow-up after a job interview via message, call or an e-mail, by thanking your recruiter for their efforts and time. You can also express your enthusiasm for the job.

Cultural barrier – International students often feel nervous and intimidated due to the differences between the cultures of their home country and the country they are now seeking employment in. This is one of the leading reasons of unemployment in USA for international students. Therefore, be open to making new friends and seeking help from your teachers.