6 Common Mistakes that International Students Make | Studying Abroad

common mistakes made by international students, studying abroad

Living on your own in a place far away from your people sounds adventurous and worrisome at the same time. International students go through the same phase while they transition from their homeland to a new place. In such a situation, it becomes very important for them to be well prepared in all possible conditions that they might encounter. Many overlook this and move abroad without the slightest hint of what they are about to experience. So avoid these 6 Common Mistakes made by International Students when they to study abroad.

This sometimes causes disturbances in plans, in the worst-case scenario, that might lay them off and deport them back to their country. With the increasing wave of foreign students joining the USA, it becomes more so important that students arriving in this place be aware of what they might encounter.

This can be inclusive of what might be an oversight of a college and a university. Or maybe selecting a job location that may seem a scenic place but might be away from places that provide provisions. These mistakes are something that could have been easily been ruled out had they checked around before executing their plan.

This article addresses some common international student’s mistakes while abroad.

Common Mistakes Made By International Students While studying Abroad : 

1.    Not researching about the new community

The first and foremost that you do when you go to a new place is understand your surroundings. This is inclusive of the community around them and the way they live. Many don’t consider this as essential information and simply bypass it.

To have a smooth transition into a new neighborhood, it is better to be aware of the people around you. This way you could learn about the diversity among yourself and them. This will also help you in mingling easily with them over time.

2.    Not thoroughly researching grants and scholarships.

While applying for universities and looking for colleges apt for your need, students sometimes forget to look something beyond this. Scholarships and grants. Universities offering schlorships to the International Students would help them go through their course period financially.

The important aspect about this is that it can help you search for colleges that are top-level and then apply for scholarships from there to pay your tuition fees or part of it. Most people ignore scholarships thinking that they would never be eligible. There are many scholarships based on community, gender, nation, merit, etc. Unless and until you explore all your options, it would be a loss on your side to lose this big chance.

3.    Not having a budget to maintain their expenses

Having a good financial sense can help you easily out of any situation. You must be aware of all the expenses that happen around you. This will help you to know when to crunch any monetary usage if any need.

As an international student, you might want to keep a much closer eye on your budget. What was costly back home might be cheap here. Whereas what might be cheap back home might be hell pricey here. It is costly for accommodation in the USA. You can reduce your expenses by using subways and public transport.


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4.    Carrying unrequired luggage

Many international students, when they move to a new country, carry a lot of luggage. On analyzing many of the luggage might turn out to be not something that would be used daily.

A very important rule about traveling is that one should only carry what is needed and those things that will be used. Carrying extra might be an extra load at the same time it will also take up a lot of space. Keep in my mind that your accommodation might be a shared one so extra baggage might be troublesome for your roommates.

5.    Carrying non-feasible expectations

This is what many do wrong. Keeping out of the world beliefs. Having high expectations can cause a heavy fall. Instead of having such issues, have a realistic view of life.

Know that not every day in the life might go as per the definition of perfection.

Life will throw good times and bad times at you. A new place with new people will be a bit tough to manage initially. Too high of an expectation would cost you a greater pain later.

6.    Not being prepared for the unexpected

This is a very important trait that one needs in their life as well. Having a backup plan. It is funny to see how people jump into the fray without having a backup especially if the plan is something really big for them.

Always keep a backup for major plans that you take in life. This holds more strongly when you are away from your home and homeland. You are on your own. You will need to find the additional plans, just in case, for your actions forward


So while going abroad, see to it that you have done enough research to know how to interact and deal with your surroundings when you are alone. Depending on a family which stays far away for long will make you detached from the environment that you are living in. This sabotages the purpose of your living in a new country.

The above-mentioned points pinpoint some common mistakes that international students commit. Hope this helps you gain some perspective and prevent you from commit such rookie mistakes.