Services provided by OPT Nation

What does OPT nation has in store for students on F1 Visa?

OPT nation provides training and placement program for F1 visa holders under OPT /CPT and other fresh graduates through which you get the best job opportunities and assured placements.

Describing about the Training and Placement process..

First of all, the candidate undergoes a mock interview and then the candidate has to pass a skill test – based on which the selection of candidate is done for placement by our partnered clients. We provide IT training on all IT technologies that are trending and have a good future career scope.

Talking about the mode of training that we provide…

We take care of your busy schedule and if you have any concerns regarding the flexibility of the classes, you would be glad to know that OPT nation offers flexible training and placement program delivering onsite classroom training and also online training.

If you are wondering about who will train you…

Well, OPT nation constitutes highly skilled professionals which mentor the best access for Training Sessions, Placement and on the job Support.

We have expert trainers having certifications and industry level experience to teach candidates.

We have courses for beginners and advanced level courses as well.

Now, coming to the Interview Process …

Well, after the completion of training sessions, students are being prepared for the interview and placement process.

Interviews are rescheduled if the candidate is not shortlisted in interviews by any of our clients in the first attempt.

After that, we offer Marketing for Candidate’s quick placements.

There are also various services that we offer to you… and they are:

  1. Resume Writing and Marketing for the Candidates
  2. Resume Priority Service
  3. Resume Blast Service

If you are wondering whether students on F1 Visa and H1B Visa equally get benefited during the placement season…

We would like to let you know that…All the students using our services are equally benefitted. We ensure a guaranteed placement with the best clients.

We collaborate with many companies in different industry domains, located throughout the country.

About…OPT, CPT and H1-B employees …

We have placed many international students as we have a number of OPT, CPT and H-1B employers working with us.

Our placement coordinators work their best with many of the employers and make sure to place candidates in a well-established e-verify company.

These E-verified companies also sponsor visas like H1B, GC, OPT Extension & H1 transfer, which will be helpful for candidates in the future.

There are also various Sponsorship benefits that we have in store for all you International students..

We have OPT Sponsorship Job, OPT Stem Extension, GC Processing, H1B filing & Transfer for the eligible candidates.

We hope you are well acquainted with the services and benefits that OPT Nation offers. Hoping to see you join the excellent courses that we provide.

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