Signs You Should Quit Your Job Immediately and Need a New Job

Signs You Need a New Job | When to Quit Your Job Immediately

We often feel the struggle of dragging ourselves out of bed and going to office every morning. But if you consistently find it as a “struggle” to go to office every day, it may be time to sit back and ponder if it’s time to move on. Here are some factors to understand the signs you need a new job and finally its time you should quit your job:

Signs You Need a New Job and When It’s Time to Quit Your Job Immediately:

  1. You’re not learning – Although you might have a great working relationship with your boss and colleagues but if you feel like your job has become stagnant and there’s absolutely no room for growth. You may as well head to the exit. This is one of the most obvious signs that you need a new job as there’s no point in continuing where you’re not getting offered anything new such as skills training, challenging work or a promotion. This also shows on the company’s part that they are not invested in their people.
  2. You’re sacrificing your health – No job is worth doing that negatively impacts your physical and mental health. If you’re losing or gaining weight, having anxiety and panic attacks, experiencing frequent headaches, having irregular sleeping patterns and not eating well, it’s time to stop before the damage is irreparable.
  3. You’re Overqualified – Some people end up accepting a job position, being fully aware that they are overqualified for the role, simply because they need a job or the benefits that the company provides. Or you may have learned everything that your job had to offer and there is just no scope to grow more and learn new skills. Eventually, you will feel not challenged enough because the projects and tasks beneath your qualification can become dull.
  4. Negative work environment – When you spend majority of your waking hours in your workplace and interact more with your colleagues than your family members, the least you’d expect is to work in a positive and cordial atmosphere. No one wants to spend hours in a negative and toxic environment. It not only affects your productivity but also adds excessive stress that can harm your health.
  5. You are complaining constantly – If you feel like your conversations with your family and friends are dominated by complains and laments about your day at work then maybe it’s time to quit. Your work should propel productive discussions about your professional challenges, the things you learn and the highlights of your day. Complaining shows that you are dissatisfied with your work so instead of sulking, why not move on?

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  1. You’ve lost the passion and excitement – If you truly enjoy what you do, the better you will be at what you do. All jobs have its tough days but at least you should have a feeling of contentment and satisfaction by completing your work. If you feel like you’ve lost the passion and excitement and everything seems mundane, it’s one of the most obvious signs that indicate when to quit your job immediately.
  2. The company is tanking – If you work in a company that is continuously shrinking with several downsizing, management changes, lay off etc. and you are certain that it won’t be long before the company collapse it’s time to leave the sinking ship. There’s no use of working in a place that leaves you permanently with a feeling of uneasiness.
  3. You are dread at work – You have stopped working or doing your job and you may be unhappy at work may be because you cannot maintain attention for work you are doing at the job.
  4. Monotonous Working – Sometimes it happens that you are stuck in routine job that You’ve Been allocated a work schedule which does not change. You end up doing the same thing since day one. Thus, there is no scope of career growth and skills and knowledge enhancement. So you should quit that job immediately.
  5. You are considering about searching a new job – At times, there is a sudden thinking in mind “Time for Finding a New Job” and quitting your current job. So, if you’ve already been mulling over the thought due to any reason like salary, colleagues, work or may be just to change company. DO IT! Whatever be the reason sometimes it’s required to change jobs in order to learn more, gain skills, salary hike and stay updated in the industry.

Conclusion: Leaving your job is understandably, a very difficult decision to make. But after reading these points you can have a thought whether it’s time to quit your job immediately or you have signs you need a new job. However, you do not want to be stuck at doing something which is making you miserable and also the people close to you. Think hard and with a clear mind before you make any decision. DON’T STRESS! GO ON WITH POSITIVITY!!