Why You Should Consider A Scholarship Abroad and How To Find One

Why You Should Consider A Scholarship Abroad

Why You Should Consider A Scholarship Abroad – And How To Find One

If you’re thinking about studying for a scholarship abroad, you might have a lot of questions running through your head right now. For example, what type of scholarships are available, how can this progress my career, and perhaps most importantly, how do I go about finding and securing a relevant scholarship?

If this is something that has been on your mind recently, then you have come to the right place.

In this guide, we are going to take a look at why you might be considering studying a scholarship abroad and, if you are, where to find out what opportunities are available to you.

What is a scholarship?

Before we go into the finer details, let’s first look at what a scholarship actually is and how this might differ from other educational schemes.

A scholarship is the funding given to a student to further their studies. What’s more, they don’t have to pay back, which differs from a grant or bursaries that may be taxed or that you must pay back at some stage.

Scholarships are usually granted to those with standout achievements or important skills. Educational studies deem worthy of further support and study. Therefore these schemes are awarded to those with great potential but without the financial means to continue their studies and develop the skills on their own.

The benefits of doing a scholarship (particularly abroad)

There are loads of reasons that you should consider looking for and applying for scholarships, particularly in another country. Some of the key benefits are:

  • You can continue to study and grow your knowledge
  • You can do so without racking up debt or having to take a job to fund your education
  • You’ll experience different cultures and lifestyles while studying
  • You’ll open yourself up to exciting new opportunities both in your personal and professional life
  • You can grow your network on a global scale
  • You can instantly give your CV a boost and make yourself more employable
  • You’ll gain new transferable skills from studying abroad

And these are just a few of the highlights! So, if you’ve now decided that a scholarship abroad is absolutely the right move for you, here’s how to find the right scheme.

How to find the right scholarship for you

There are times when you really shine, and educators might actually approach you to let you know about scholarship opportunities worth considering. However, this is rare, and if it doesn’t happen to you, then you need to take a proactive stance and start searching for yourself.

The good news is there are a number of ways you can find out what’s out there and whether you’re eligible to apply. Often, this will depend on your academic performance or circumstances, such as exam results, where you’re currently studying, where you want to study and other important factors.

Get help at your university

Most universities will have a study abroad office or dedicated advisor. You can visit them and ask for information on the schemes they know about or ask any questions you may have about scholarships abroad.

Essentially, what we’re saying is don’t be afraid to ask for help from your university and to utilise the available to you resources, that’s what they are there for, after all.

However, don’t just limit yourself to your own university. It’s a good idea to do some research and look around at what other universities are offering. Many higher education institutions will offer scholarships to students, including many around the world, that support study for international students. So don’t just stop with your own study abroad office; get online and see what’s out there.

Look at your chosen location

If you know which country you’d like to study in, this can be a good starting point for researching. And finding local scholarships. Again, this will require some online research. And you might wish to reach out to the colleges and universities in the area to see what they have on offer.

This approach can take a little longer, so it’s a good idea to get started on the process as soon as you can, but if done right, it can yield some great results.

Use dedicated online resources

Thanks to the power of the internet, there are now dedicated resources and websites designed to help you find the right scheme for you. In fact, there are entire scholarship search engines like scholarships.com as well as many others, that can help.

There is also the Scholarship Hub which is UK-specific, but if you conduct some thorough online research. You will be able to find other sites and resources for your chosen country. For example, here is a guide dedicated to higher education and scholarships in Germany.

Check out government websites

Lots of governments want to encourage students to take on further study, either in their country or abroad like in the UAE. Particularly if they come from a certain background or have a certain skill. For example, people from diverse or minority backgrounds are often encouraged to apply. As are those with important skills, like those who are talented in science, languages or technology.

With this in mind, you might find that you’re actually a highly sought-after addition to any university program. You just need to actively seek out the right opportunities.

Start by checking out the government website for your own country to see what they offer. After this, you can begin looking at government websites for the countries you’d like to live and study in. If there are relevant schemes on offer, you should be able to find them there. You’ll also be able to find out if you’re eligible and how to apply.

How to secure a scholarship

Once you’ve completed your research and found the right scholarship for you, it’s time to apply.

While the application process will be different for each scheme, there are some important things to remember if you want to seal the deal.

Remember to take your time and take it seriously. You might also need to revamp or create a brand new CV to sell your background and skills.

And always follow the instructions down to the finest detail to increase your chances of being accepted. While it can be tempting to fire off a couple of applications at a time to maximise your chances of getting a scholarship. It’s better to be thorough and take your time.

This will show you are truly interested in the position and boost your chances of making it through to the next stage.